How To Choose The Best Exotic Leathers For Wallets

Wallets for men and women that are made of exotic materials show the sophisticated beauty, great durability, and luxurious look when using. Furthermore, choosing minimalist wallets made of exotic materials is an ideal way to upgrade your status that shows off affluence and success. However, the question is which the best exotic leathers are for your wallets.

So, let’s begin to find out how to choose the best exotic leathers for wallets and know the best choices on my blog.

Tips On How To Choose The Best Exotic Leathers For Wallets

1. The thickness and size of material

When you want to choose exotic leather for wallets, the thickness and size of the material are important factors to consider because they can determine how perfectly it stores your folded bills and credit cards. For example, some products have a small size and it is hard to put a lot of cards or cash into the wallet. To fix this problem, the manufacturer has to sew various hides together. However, it causes a lack of aesthetic beauty in your wallet.

Therefore, when it comes to the exotic leathers for wallets, make sure that the leather’s size is wide enough to fit and accommodate the panels.

2. The smoothness and softness of skin

The high-quality material always comes with smoothness and softness as it prevents scratches when you bend your wallet at the center. Furthermore, it also allows the edges to characteristics well.

3. Unique patterns

The scaling pattern designs can attract individual attention and show aesthetic beauty, as they are unique. These patterns like scratches, shades or imperfections vary even in the same skin. It shows the skin’s characteristics and makes your product become special.

The Best Exotic Leathers For Wallets

1. Alligator Hide

Alligator Hide

For how to choose the best exotic leathers for wallets, alligator hide is the common exotic leather in the market, and it is well known for the greatest softness and luxurious look. Sliding your fingers on the wallet’s patterns, you can feel the smoothness and elegant performance. Because this kind of skin is smoother than caiman crocodile hides, it can bend conveniently without causing cracking.

When it comes to alligator hides, you can pick the small scales (28/36 cm) or the larger scales (more than 45cm). However, the smaller scales are commonly expensive than the huge ones while the large scales will help you save a ton of money.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the alligator skin’s tail isn’t as flexible as the rest parts; therefore, you can use the tail for different purposes such as card cases, a belt, or cellphone cases to avoid material waste.

2. Lizard Hide

Lizard Hide Leather

Besides Alligator hide, lizard hide can be used to make wallets due to several reasons. Firstly, because of the rectangular shape of tanned lizard skins, you can easily figure out the number of wallets you can make from a piece of skin and avoid wasting. For example, a single lizard skin can make 2 -3 men’s wallets out of it.

Another reason for the purchase is unique in patterns that come from the multiple cuts of the skin. For example, the front-cut skins put the rounded scales in the center and the square-shaped scales on the edges. The back-cut skins do the reverse. Also, there are various scratches on the leather surface and each pattern shows the characteristic of your product.

3. Ostrich Hide


Ostrich Hide
The best thing about ostrich hide is that a single piece is large enough to make many wallets. Furthermore, because of the quills, the ostrich hide looks different and unique from other leather types.

However, the only issue is that because 2/3 skin – full-quill portion is distinctive from the rest and other types of leathers. Therefore, to limit the waste, you need to use the remaining 1/3 of this hide for other different purposes. Ostrich hide has not only the regular ostrich leather but also the ostrich leg one. Although people choose one based on their personal taste, using ostrich leg leather can prevent material waste because of the ideal size and shape for making wallets.

4. Python Hide

Pytho Hide

Python hide is an ideal option for an individual’s leather wallet and it is often used to make various modern and fashionable products. This kind of exotic leather offers great durability, a comfortable experience, and smoothness. Furthermore, like lizard hide, the python hide has the perfect rectangular shape; therefore, it limits the material leftovers.

As you can see, wallets for men and women can be made from different types of exotic leather. It is up to you to find the best ones for your taste and your job. These leather types I mentioned above are the best choices on how to choose the best exotic leathers for wallets for elegant performance, fashion, flexibility, and compact function.

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