How To Choose The Best Checkbook Wallet

As its name defines, checkbook wallets are created specifically for storing bank notes and checkbooks straightly without creasing them. From time to time, there are many advances in design so that it can accommodate cards, cash, smart phone and other stuff like that.

Living in the digital era, every single wallet is required the best compromise of function and fanciness. A wallet that enables to store currency coins and notes, bank and ID cards is just the prerequisites whereas the last piece lies on its outer performance.

To that end, there are more and more checkbook wallets coming up with diverse styles, sizes and designs, which might cause you confused. So, in this article, I will guide you on how to choose the best checkbook wallet. Read on!

The History of the Wallet

Don’t you know that the very first examples of wallets were those coming from ancient Greece who desired something to carry small amounts of provisions and foods. Meanwhile, other parts of Europe used it for storing cigarettes and tobacco. Exactly at that time, people didn’t have demand on a wallet for currency like paper money and coins. Until 19th century, the metal currency was exploding and became more popular, such wallets were in use.

In the 1950’s, credit cards were invented and gradually altered the traditional kinds of currency, wallets came off more advanced designs. More details, they had separate compartments for different kinds of currency.

These days, they end up with a sea of materials, styles and designs, which means you can easily find a suitable one for your own.

Different Features of a Wallet

As society is getting more and more modern, people tend to ask more and more convenient features to serve their life, the traditional wallet has been revived many times to meet higher demands of human beings.

It’s easy to find various modern wallets coming up with dozens of convenient features, apart from their basic benefits of currency storage. For example, pulling tab for quick access, integrated tactical gears, built-in RFID Blocking Technology, etc.

Besides, the materials to make a wallet is leverage and diversified. Began from the fabric used in the ancient time, up to now, there are more kinds such as waterproof waxed canvas, stainless steel, aluminum, leather, etc. Each of them provides different pros and cons to meet particular requirements and preference.

The most common issue is that a wallet can be a great choice for this person, not a no-no for the others.

When it comes to checkbook wallets, they feature more number of compartments with different sizes for different stuff. For example, some include ID window with clear design for quick view without the hassle of taking it out while the others feature an organizer with 10+ slots for cards, a few for coins, keys, and something like that.

Checkbook Wallet Closing Mechanisms

As a checkbook is designed to hold various stuff, it’s essential to pay attention to its closing mechanisms. In the past, Velcro will be the first and only option because at that time, checkbook wallets weren’t truly developed. These Velcro straps are very easy to utilize but they do make noise when opening, which is annoying sometimes. Not saying that some poor-quality Velcro will get tears and wears after a short time using, which means they can’t hold the wallet as good as the original.

But don’t worry, nowadays, there are more selections for you:


Like its name defines, to close your wallet, you need to make the strap snapped into place. But the biggest advantage of this kind of strap is its ease of use and better protection. On top of that, you just need to use one hand to open it out of the place to access to the wallet.


This is arguably one of the most reliable locking mechanisms because they are made from sturdy metal and to open the wallet, you need to turn it by hand. Again, to close it, twist the strap.

However, its drawback is that some small-sized twist strap will be hard to use.

Kiss Lock

You will easily find those kiss locks in smaller-sized coin purses or wallets, but there are still some on the checkbook wallets. This is another strap coming up with great protection that includes two metal small balls clasping together.

It’s simple and quick mechanism to utilize. But with this kind of strap, I advise you to opt for high grade material with well-made design for easy use.


Magnetic is the most convenient strap for wallet because it is closure enough to keep everything in place securely whereas easy enough to open and close quickly. When it comes to choosing a checkbook wallet secured by magnetic strap, consider its strength as well as the numbers of magnets used on it.


Last but not least, it is zipper. This kind of strap offers high protection and is usually utilized to store coins, keys and other small stuff. Please bear on mind to choose high-quality zipper to avoid it breaking down so fast.

Wallet Materials

As mentioned above, checkbook wallets arrive in tons of materials and you should pay attention on considering the most suitable one.

First and foremost, go for high-quality material, it might take you some more pennies, but in turns, the wallet can serve you for years.

There are various kinds of material going from the luxurious with distinct soft hand-feel to the cheap ones. The most popular materials are fur, genuine leather, faux leather, and fabric. Each of them provides particular benefits and properties.

Second, consider which cases you intend to use that checkbook wallet, whether it requires you to show up a little bit your luxury and class or not.

Lastly, your preference. Actually, there are some people who really love leather because of its superb durability and luxury whereas some other don’t, they tend to love something eco-friendly and not causing harm to animals.

In a word, there are four main things to keep in mind when choosing a checkbook wallet: number of compartment, material, strap, and additional features. In the modern time, while hi-tech thieves are more and more at anywhere that always readily to steal your personal information, I highly recommend you to add RFID Shield to get higher protection as a priority.

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