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Best Laptop Sleeves 2018

Why choose some more sleeves when you already have one when purchasing your laptop – the one that its manufacturer enclosed in the packaging?

Well, because these laptop sleeves usually come in medium to low quality to protect your laptop ultimately. Not saying that it’s too boring to style with or too bulky to stay in your backpack or it’s old enough to go to a museum. There’s a lot of reasons to pick another sleeve for your laptop. But, what I’m trying to say here is to go for a high-quality model.

Though there’s an avalanche of laptop sleeves out there on the market, with a diversity of colors, sizes, materials and styles. Can’t deny that their quality doesn’t go similar to each other. Some expensive models bring advance benefits and top-rated material to the users and their laptops, while some go cheaper but that doesn’t mean it’s poorly made.

There are still many models that bang for your bucks. And in this article, I’m going to share you 10 best laptop sleeves to go to.

Three top choices for an affordable laptop sleeve are AmazonBasics, Kinmac and Lacdo. Their durability really bangs for your buck. If your demand just a basic sleeve to carry your laptop around safely, Amazonbasics seems to be your best bet. On the other hand, if fashion is still within your attention, take a look at Kinmac or Lacdo.

1. AmazonBasics 17.3-Inch Laptop Sleeve

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Now, we will go basic firstly! Who join?

I usually don’t pay more attention to the aesthetics spectrum of products from AmazonBasics because personally, I think they are too simple to talk. Look! It’s a plain sleeve with a small brand logo on its side and a mesh strip at the bottom for better support to your laptop. Ah, there’s a zip-around on its top. Done!

Even, its colorways are a little bit less than other counterparts in this field. HOWEVER, the functionality and durability of this 17-inch laptop sleeve are no joke, which is the major reason I added it to this collection.

I don’t know exactly which kind of material it is but this does bring a smooth and sturdy feeling touch. When unzipping or pulling the zipper, the sound is good and it works smoothly. Its zipper puller is also big enough for quick access as I’ve been using many laptop sleeves with tiny metal puller which is like hell. My thumb sometimes got hurt because of it.

But the best thing is its inner padding layer – it’s really soft, thick and protective. Don’t worry that its zipper would cause scratches to your laptop when it’s shut as there’s an extra material to prevent this from happening.

If you choose the right size for your laptop, it will fit like a glove. Don’t go looser or tighter because either your laptop will slip around inside the sleeve or you have to cram it. AmazonBasics provide a wide range of sizes for almost kinds of laptop, so just feel ease to pick the most suitable one.

2. Kinmac Wine Red Canvas Vertical Style Water Resistant Laptop Sleeve with Pocket 13 Inch for 13.3 inch laptop

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Next is Kinmac!

This laptop sleeve melts my heart for its so many colorways and patterns to choose from. If you want to go plain, there’re up to 9 options and each tone is truly loveable and amazing. On the other hand, it has two patterned design for those who are a fan of Brocade.

This model is little bit biased for women due to its lovely, lean and slim silhouette. One unique thing is its zipper. Those are dual zippers which go vertically, instead of horizontal like other counterparts for quicker and more convenient access.

Besides, another advance feature is its additional zipper pouch on the backside where you can put in a mouse, laptop charger and smart phone. However, be aware that it’s a slim sleeve so, don’t try to toss too many things into this compartment.

What I love the most in this model is its 360-degree protection which works more than perfectly to absorb impacts while eliminate damages caused by accidentally bumping.

Even, there’s a thick padded layer on four corners, particularly, the 6-cm thick material at the bottom for ultimate security. Despite of that, its weight is incredibly light, which you might misunderstand that you are carrying a piece of paper on hand.

Take note that it’s waterproof canvas so, rest assured with rain, splash or water pills.

3. Lacdo 13 Inch Waterproof Fabric Laptop Sleeve Case

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If you are looking for a laptop sleeve with modern look, consider this grey Lacdo’s.

It’s also a perfect choice for those who are loyal with the traditional horizonal zip-around. Like the above Kinmac laptop sleeve, this Lacdo’s is made out of high-quality water-repellent canvas. Seem that this is the key feature to help them cut off a significant cost in manufacturing process, huh?

However, it works perfectly. The material is truly soft, smooth and thick. I tested it by pouring a cup of water onto its surface, nothing absorbs to the inside. Even walk under a heavy rain, my laptop is still alive, which is amazing for a sleeve just under $11.

Besides, equipped with shockproof lining plays it role perfectly in cutting off all potential damages caused by accidental falling while absorbing the outer impacts efficiently.

Just go for the right size and you will get the best fit. Aside from the major zip-around compartment for laptop, like Kinmac’s, there’s another zippered pouch for other gear.

Figured as a slim sleeve, it’s super convenient to carry this accessory around or toss it in your bag without bulk. Highly recommended!

4. ProCase 14-15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Protective Bag, Ultrabook Notebook Carrying Case Handbag

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Now, on a higher range, we have Procase.

I am impressed really hard by its “Steal” design because its color combination between blue and orange is really beautiful and modern, which is sure to stand out from the crowd. If you want to go elegant yet outstanding, don’t hesitate to give this a try.

I’m saying that not just for its aesthetics, but also for the quality.

I don’t mean those products from Kinmac, Lacdo or AmazonBasics are not good, but when comparing the material between these three and this Procase, you can feel a huge difference.

It’s superb smooth, thick and (due to the product’s description) environmentally friendly. Like Lacdo’s, the sleeve bag is opened fully at 180 degrees and the only difference is it goes downside instead of topside like others.

However, if you have a habit of withdraw laptop from the bottom of a sleeve, this is super convenient. Aside from this compartment, there’s an extra one on the backside where you can fit up chargers, smartphone, pens, and cables – everything you need. But take note that this figures a slim bag so, don’t cram it too much unless you want to carry around an ugly giant brick.

Due to its function and design, this model is perfect for school, work, travel or business. Whether handing it around your campus or toss it in your backpack/suitcase, this sleeve will perform perfectly.

5. MOSISO Water Repellent Lycra Sleeve Bag Cover Compatible 13-13.3 Inch Laptop with Small Case

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Here it is, MOSISO!

If you already read my other articles about laptop sleeves, you will know that MOSISO’s products appear in most of them. You can’t go wrong with this brand, especial in colorways – there are myriad options to surely meet your taste.

Along with that, its size chart is diverse to fit a wide range of laptops. To pick the best one, you need to get your laptop measurement. Then, pay attention to both external and internal dimensions of the sleeve.

For example, a 13.97 x 0.79 x 10.04-inch laptop sleeve with 13.58 x 0.79 x 9.64-inch measurement on the inside will fit perfectly a 13” to 13.5” laptop. Besides, take a look at its additional zipper pouch’s dimensions as well to know exactly how much stuff you can put in it.

Like this 13” laptop, its additional zippered compartment is measured by 6.1 x 0.59 x 5.31 inch – a good storage space for an adapter, charger, mouse and some smaller stuff. What I appreciate at this model is its manufacturer has provided enough such data so that you will find the most suitable sleeve more easily.

Speaking of its padding layer, it’s polyester foam with fabric lining to absorb shocks perfectly and reduce damages caused to your laptop by unexpected bumping or falling.

If you are wondering about its top-loading zipper, it works smoothly and sturdily. The metal texture is thick and moderate thick to feel it’s going to serve you for years.

6. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Bag Compatible 13-13.3 Inch

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Or, if you love patterned material, consider this MOSISO 13 laptop sleeve. It comes in the same construction as the above one, just differ in its outer performance.

Ah, I think I should talk a little bit more about its material, don’t you think? Well, it’s actually good, nice feeling touch and feel clearly that it’s sturdy. In other words, it’s something that you can’t go wrong!

Aside from providing an optimal protection to your laptop thanks to its moderate padding layer (including the corners and more material at the bottom), the outer shell is also made out of high-density waterproof material to bear a heavy rain or water pill without regret. Don’t worry about its zipper as it’s tightly sealed to deliver the best closure. I mean it won’t absorb moisture or water at all.

7. Arvok 13-14 Inch Laptop Sleeve Multi-color & Size Choices Case/Water-resistant Neoprene Notebook Computer Tablet Carrying Bag Cover

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Next is Arvok!

My heart was pounding so hard at the first time seeing its color collection. If you are a person who pay a lot attention to colorways like me, it’s probably a wow. And because its price can’t be more affordable, you can pick more than one to refresh your style or mix and match it with certain outfits.

The color tone is exact as the advertisement which is outstanding, attractive and fashionista-likey looking. Aside from its stapled outlook, its functionality is another amaze.

The neoprene laptop sleeve is designed to fit versatile of laptop brands, from Apple, Dell, HP, Samsung, Sony to Acer, Asus, Toshiba and so on. You task is choosing the right size for it!

Again, consider both internal and external dimensions for the best fit. About the rest, just let this functional laptop sleeve handle. From the ability to repel water thanks to its waterproof neoprene material to its slim silhouette to conveniently carry around or toss in your backpack without a burden. Or, its nice padding material on the inside for optimal security and its durable zipper.

I’m quite sure that you can’t get any remorse on this product. Moreover, it’s backed by a 12-month warranty to cover any detects from manufacturing process. Along with that, its 24-hour customer service support is what I’m really pleased because when you need help, feel ease in mind that there’s always somebody around you to give a hand.

8. Tomtoc Ultra Slim 13-13.3 Inch MacBook Air | MacBook Pro Retina

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Now, if you prefer those laptop sleeves made out of leather, why not pick this Tomtoc Model?

In briefly, it’s freakily impressive! I’m a little bit in love with its combination between caramel leather and charcoal felt exterior. That’s the best compromise of a vintage look and a modern vibe to harmonize perfectly.

Another unique feature is its flap design to create a gentle and elegant feeling when you access your laptop. On the other hand, feel ease in mind that its magnet straps are sturdy, firm and durable enough to keep everything closure and secure nicely. However, it also ensures to open easily when in need.

If you are worrying that these magnetic straps will get dull over time, then don’t. They are made out of high-quality kind to serve you for years. Besides, I also in love with its incredibly seamless process which will cause no damage to your laptop while giving a beautiful look.

Like other counterparts, this model arrives in a major compartment for laptop with a durable zip-around and another one for charger, cable, smartphone, Kindle and mouse. But the best thing is its custom side slit for quick charging your laptop without pulling it out.

I highly recommend this model for business, work or interview because it delivers a mature, successful, elegant and impressive look to bring you good impression from the opposite.

Just take note that with this design, you can’t go for a laptop with a case.

9. Plemo Water-resistant PU Leather Sleeve

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Stand out from its herb, this Plemo Sleeve features an envelope-shaped silhouette coupling with nicely caramel PU leather to create a perfect vintage and classic look.

If you are looking for a laptop sleeve which is also a perfect accessory, a nice piece to match your classic taste, don’t miss out this product. Though, there are some other brands making envelope-shaped laptop sleeve, but I personally think this is the best for the price and quality.

First up is its material. Even though it’s PU leather which many people might look down on, it’s high quality for real with nicely smooth texture, firm feeling and amazing stretch-ability. Plus, this kind of material does bring you a light water-resistant ability to stand against splash or light rain.

Usually, with those laptop sleeves featuring a whole plain surface, I feel kind of boring because there’s nothing nailing up its soul or personal style. However, this is different. Though it’s plain, the whole design is impressive and outstanding to add soul to your outfit.

However, you need to be aware that it’s just coming in one compartment closed by a magnet strap, which is synonymous to less storage space. Maximumly, you can fit a laptop, a kindly and charger or mouse. But I highly recommend you to store these extra gears in another zipper pouch to retain its slim silhouette. This is kind of a tradeoff which you need to accept it.

10. 15.6 inch Premium Water Resistant Shockproof Laptop Sleeve Case with Handle

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The reason why I picked this Casebuy is its streamline construction. Unlike other counterparts in this field with maximumly two compartments, one for your laptop and the another for your extra gear. This sleeve arrives in 4 compartments consisting of one for your laptop, and three for organize your stuff.

From that point, instead of diving in your bag finding the one you need, now, it’s easier and quicker to access it without wasting time.

You will have 2 large pockets for smart phone, small notebook, a kindle or stuff like that and a smaller pocket where you can fit some pens, cards, small changes or folded bills. See? It’s totally neater than other sleeves.

Moreover, its major compartment also includes some more open pockets on the inside to fit your mouse, cable and books without fears of bulking your laptop sleeve silhouette or causing scratches to your laptop surface.

It’s completed with water-repellent Nylon Canvas to prevent pretty well water pills or heavy rains and the inner thick padding layer to give better support and protection to your precious gear.

Another big bonus is its equipped handle which you can conveniently carry it around. And don’t worry, the stitching is tight with strong seams to bear a heavy load without tearing or falling apart.

Out of a bunch, I still prefer to recommend you to opt for a higher-end laptop sleeve for better material, quality and warranty. There’s no reason to not invest on a good protector for your expensive laptop, right?

However, if you are really on a tight budget, go for a basic sleeve is not a bad idea, it’s just you don’t have extra function or benefit. But in generally, it’s something that I believe you can handle pretty well. Hope that this article will help you pick the best laptop sleeve.

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