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Best 15-inch Laptop Bags 2018

You know it, there’s an avalanche of laptop bags out there on the market, but not all of which works their best in protecting your electronic device at all. The quality isn’t good, either.

That’s why I, based on my own experience on numerous laptop bags and also consulted from others, round up this collection of the best 15-inch laptop bags to give you a hand in picking up a good one, protecting your precious laptop, providing extra room for other stuff and coming in nice aesthetics to meet various purpose of use.

This article is useful for those who are looking for a new laptop bag to alter the old useless one or a meaningful present for your loved one. They are all from reliable brands with good warranty to keep worry-free to try.

Now, without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

1. UGRACE Slim Business Laptop Backpack Elegant Casual Daypacks Outdoor Sports Rucksack School Shoulder Bag for Men Women

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If you are looking for a functional laptop backpack for light traveling or a student bag for daily use, look no further than this UGRACE design. Truth to say, I once doubted at its zippers as well as the snap button because these two things are usually the very first to break apart. However, up to now, after nearly a year using it day by day, I’ve gotten no remorse. They work brilliantly well.

Besides, it might be the lightest laptop bag in this collection thanks to the high-quality Polyester. Other than that, this material is very good at splash resistance to stay dried in moist environment. But, kindly take note that they aren’t waterproof to bear cat and dog rains. Truth to say, your belongings would be wet if you did that.

Speaking of inner construction, it has a separate sleeve for 15” laptop, but my personal MacBook fits still fine. (Thumbs up!)

There’s also roomy space for my clothes or lunch bento, snacks or books. In briefly, it fits reasonably for a day pack without heft or straining down. Personally, it’s versatile enough for trekking, leisure, hiking, walking, air traveling, business trip, shopping and outdoor sports.

And if you are overwhelmed in looking for a meaningful present for someone, just stop for now because it’s right here!

2. Anti Theft Business Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port Fits 15.6 inch Laptop

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Great 15 inch laptop backpack for travel!

It’s designed to fit snugly for holidays or business trip when you need to pack more stuff and also want to keep them organized and secure. The capacity, (no doubt!) it’s pretty spacious. Apart from my MacBook Pro 15”, and another iPad, there’s plenty of space for other stuff like books, folders, clothes, adapter, charger, headphone, wallet, mouse and so on. Even, you can put a 1-liter bottle of water inside this buddy, no bulk. (Though sometimes it flies out when I whip it on my shoulders, but in briefly, that beyond my expectation)

But another thing that’s worth more mentioning here is its slim profile. Of course, it can’t be as slim as a paper but, after housing such a plethora of stuff, the bag is still compact and fit my body shape, not too bulky or chubby at all. Thumbs up for this!

And the shoulder straps – it’s another big bonus. Apart from its moderately thick padding, the highlight here is its insulated material to provide more comfort to your shoulders even if carrying a whole day long.

There’s a USB port charger as well – pretty easy to utilize. You just need to carry along a portable battery (remember to charge it overnight) and then, use the port. This is very convenient for those who have to go out all day or you can charge your phone on the way to school.

I love its enclosed lock and durable zippers. They not only help to protect my valuable stuff from thieves, but also are durable to last for years.

Last but not least is its water-resistant material to protect your stuff from getting wet and damages. This helps a lot in those rainy days and you forget to bring an umbrella or a raincoat along. Overall, this is truly an awesome laptop backpack for men that bangs for your buck.

3. Slim Backpack, Business Laptop Backpacks with USB charging Port, Water Resistant Compact Computer bookbag

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And this one, a good slim-silhouette backpack for daily use, like schooling, going on a business trip, traveling or working.

How slim? It’s measured by 5.1”x12.5”x16.5” to fit both male and female, especially petite girls. (Don’t worry that this bag will swallow you from the back!)

Besides, four HIGHLIGHTS in this model you need to bear in mind are water-resistant material, durability, lightweight and charging design.

Particularly the charger, it’s really easy to use. Just plug the cable inside the backpack into your own power bank. When your smart phone is power off, just connect it with the original USB cable to the outside USB port. That’s it!

Also, I like my stuff staying neat in my backpack and that’s why I’m so much in love with this model. Its inner construction is like a mini-sized world where there’s space for everything, from my 15” MacBook Pro, an iPad, electronic cord, mini keyword, pens to books, folders, adapter, camera, smart phone, wallet and so on.

Holy crap! It’s truly convenient and quick when you are in a hurry and want to take out something, like a pen for example. With this, just feel ease to say goodbyes to your nasty looking tangle of swimming around the depths of your bag without a vest life. Thanks to this hero without capes.

Other than two biggest advantage, the bag is design sophisticatedly and thoughtfully with some extra details to better protection, comfort and convenience. They are the smooth, durable zippers, the reflective strip, the sturdy handles with anti-thief belt, the front pocket with hidden zipper and the two-way convenient side pockets.

Ah, did I tell you about how secure of its hidden RFID pocket for important cards? Its shoulder straps – they are not just shoulder straps at all. Alongside with the comfortable and breathable thick padding, each strap comes in S-line design to relieve much pressure. Importantly, there is a small RFID space for cards, key, or document.

Get it and you won’t regret!

4. Mosiso Laptop Shoulder Bag for 15 Inch New MacBook Pro with Touch Bar A1707 2017/2016, Also Fit 14 Inch Notebook Ultrabook

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Question time: Shoulder Bag or Not Shoulder Bag?

Would you carry a shoulder bag? Are you should bag obsessed, maybe should bag curious, or just plain shoulder bag averse?

That’s a tradeoff when it comes to choosing a laptop shoulder bag. Pick it and this’s synonymous to you cutting some load off your EDCs. In fact, this buddy is much suitable for leisure carrying like going to school, work, business or going out. It fits those who love carrying slim and less.

But don’t be discouraged just because we started with the bad news first. A shoulder bag, it helps you to put your most professional self toward, for example striding into the office, traveling business class or at a meeting. I’m pretty sure that most of you need that image and it’s the reason I add-in this Mosiso Laptop Shoulder Bag.

Though slim and humble capacity, it still keeps your essentials tucked neatly and stay secure all the time, especially your expensive laptop/MacBook.

There’s a thick polyester foam padding layer with soft fabric lining for shock and bump absorption to avoid your stuff against scratches and damage. Not only that, the shoulder strap is padded comfortable to help you bear a heavy load. Besides, it’s adjustable and removeable to detach whenever not in use to feel free carrying it by hands.

Moreover, after accommodating your laptop, there’s still some more room for other small stuff like cables, pens, adapters, and notepads. On top of that, 1-year warranty.

Get this 15 inch laptop sleeve and be set for the day ahead!

5. ProCase 14 – 15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Protective Bag, Ultrabook Notebook Carrying Case Handbag

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There are the moments to put your most I’ve-never-been-more-on-top-of-it self and this ProCase Laptop Sleeve is the bag to help you just that.

We all know that laptop sleeve is the slimmest type with nearly no extra room for other stuff. But here, I highly appreciate its additional pocket where I can fit up my mouse, a laptop adapter and smart phone- every convenient to carry along with some other notebooks or folders for classes or work. (if your office nearby or you go around by bus, train or car)

Another best thing is its waterproof material on the external side. Not just stop at water resisting like other sleeves, this buddy bears pretty well a heavy rain or jump in water. Besides, its material is very eco-friendly and powerful as well. Other than water, it can protect your gear from shock/bump, dirt and dust as easy as a piece of cake.

About the inner padding, just feel ease in mind as it delivers really good protection, even up to the corner. So, try it! With such that affordable price, this 15.6 inch laptop bag bangs for your buck.

6. Canvaslove Grey Rose Pattern 15-inch Canvas Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag

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In the plethora of numerous types of laptop bags, this Canvaslove truly pops out with beautiful floral pattern. Not as dull color as other models, the bag is made sharply and sophisticatedly to the smallest detail without annoying smell.

Other than high-quality printed, lightweight material, the bag is sewn durably with upgraded strength to serve you for years.

In terms of construction, it’s quite similar to the ProCase above, but there’s a small revolution in the additional pocket which is securely zippered. Besides, there’s a hidden pocket in its handle area, roomy enough to fit a smart phone, cards or some small changes.

Though there are some reviews telling that it’s quite narrow. Compared to the ProCase, this model is the same. Other than a 15” laptop, it can fit some more A4-sized documents, folders or books snugly.

If you are a college/university student who love carrying less and slim, I highly recommend this Canvaslove to you.

7. Leather Canvas Messenger Bag for Men and Women 15.6 inch Laptop Vintage Satchel Business Briefcase Shoulder Bag

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If you love a little too classic and simple look, why not dive in this Leather Canvas Messenger Bag from RusticTown. I myself aren’t a fan of briefcases but still need something to package my files along, and this is my choice without any remorse.

Highlight that the leather material that’s utilized here, in this bag, is real and very high-quality, not the cheap and fake like some on the market out there. Besides, it’s well-handcrafted to with durable canvas lining to upend its long lasting and durability. In brief, so far so good.

I’m also a little bit in love with its outer performance as well. No inelegant brand logo taking the whole front area like some bag, or too much excess detail to cause confusing, it’s just simply plain, but stays cool and versatile to style with different outfits – from casual to dress, from daily use to a little bit showy.

Partly thanks to the precious and luxurious-look leather, it nails up a nicely classic and vintage vibe. Not just beautiful, it’s also good at function.

Going inside, you will see the flap is closure by two sturdy and powerful magnetic straps, but the best thing is, its inner construction is streamline and neat with 3 large compartments and 1 zippered pockets, which fits just right for my EDCs like a 15” laptop, a wallet, a smart phone, pens, some books and so on.

Thanks to its thick material, no need to extra padding for laptop at all. The bag itself can provide enough security to your electronic device. There’s more, YKK zippers, quality stitching, brass buckles and sturdy Velcro strap for better protection and durability.

8. Rustic Town 15 inch Vintage Crossbody Genuine Leather Laptop Messenger Bag

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Just one size, one colorway, but I love it!

This is a stylish laptop messenger bag to fit various occasions, from school or work to hanging out, traveling or shopping. The combination between superior quality cowhide leather and durable canvas is outstanding. It implies perfectly the clearing rules to challenge the aging process. Besides, I like the way that RusticTown plays colors on this product – something classic, something modern. It mixes and matches awesomely in one bag.

Besides, anti-bronze hardware much compliments to the vintage look of the bag itself. Designed as a laptop bag with flap covering like the previous model, however, this one can be adjustable and secured by two strong magnetic clasps built inside.

Its construction is neat with a major compartment, two front pockets, one zippered pouch to securely house your important stuff like wallet, money, card or other documents.

Other than that, one-year warranty is enough to ease your mind to give this 15.6 inch laptop bag a try, isn’t it?

9. Kensington LM650 15-Inch Laptop Tote, Black (K62614WW)

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Whenever you ask someone if they own a tote, might they cast their mind o the cotton canvas thing they got free and full of leaflets at an event. However, you know it, a laptop tote is more than capable of holding its own.

Invest on a good padding with better outlook is a should, particularly if you are a business person or an office man. If something big and sturdy is what are you looking for on a whole brand-new tote to replace the old one, look no further than this model.

It’s small and compact, but don’t quickly judge a book by its cover. Not only fit and secure pretty well my laptop and its adapter, there’s a lot of space to fit my everything – from pens, wallet, smart phone, to folders, documents, water bottle and stuff like that.

Particularly, it’s made out of high-quality thick faux leather to deliver good support to your electronic device from scratches, bump or shock.

Besides, its bright orange colorway will make a fun pop-up at your workplace as well as refresh your “classic” everyday style. Plus, price isn’t bad compared to the quality. After months of using daily, the bag still shows no sign of wear at all. Really please with this purchase!

Now, it’s your turn to make a move! Have you picked your favorite 15-inch laptop bag yet? I’m glad to hear if you did, but in case they are not enough to convince you to click the buy button, don’t worry, might these collections will fit yours:

Good luck!

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