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Best 14-Inch Laptop Bag 2018

Are you looking for a good laptop bag for your 14-inch electronic gear?

Do you just need something to fit and protect your expensive laptop/Macbook and might be, some extra space for its charger and mouse, Or, do you want more storage space for other stuff?

Do you usually travel or go on a business trip?

Are you a backpacker/traveler or an office worker?

Okay, if you already have the best answers for such questions, let’s get started to go in deep to this article where you can find myriad type of laptop bag (sleeve, suitcase and backpack) picked from the best of the best models out there on the market to surely bang for your buck.

On top of that, each of them is guaranteed to fit your certain demands while serving for years. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

1/ 14-inch Genuine Leather Briefcase Bag – Crossbody Laptop Satchel by Rustic Town

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Seems a small bag but fit my 13” Apple Air as easy as a piece of cake – I’m a little bit in love with this RusticTown’s. Besides, while a bunch of messenger bags out there are made out of faux or low-quality leather, this model isn’t the one.

Not only handcrafted from premium buffalo leather which had been distressed and oil rubbed, the other details are well-invested as well, such as YKK zippers, Brass fitting and buckles and heavy-duty lining.

The manufacturer said that this product line was made by the best Indian artisans, using traditional skills. Actually, I much care about my own hand-feel and yeah, it appears to be a real and premium quality, guys! The bag is well-made to the tiniest detail.

Have a junk briefcase? Not anymore. Your genuine leather briefcase bag has outstanding characteristics to last for decades.

2/ Lacdo 14-15 Inch Laptop Shoulder Bag, 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve for 15 Inch MacBook Pro Touch Bar 2017

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However, if you prefer a modern look with elegant style, this Lacdo laptop bag can give you more than what you bargain for. Aside from its simple yet stylish combination of color, the next wonderful feature is its material.

That’s not the poor-quality canvas which is prone to fade out from time to time, but the water-repellent kind to obstruct vapor, light rain or water efficiently. Along with that, the handles are well-made with tight stitching, strong seams and PU padding to provide the best durability. The same with its shoulder strap. It’s even able to detachable and adjustable to fit your height the most.

Not only convenient, the laptop bag is shockproof decently. When flipping up its middle compartment for laptop, you will see its thick padded cushion inside with moderate softness and anti-static ability to eliminate pretty well impacts and damages caused by accidentally scratches or bumping. In comparison, it works even better than normal laptop sleeve.

Be aware that it’s measured by 15 x 1 x 10.4 inches, which fits nicely any 14” and 15” laptops/Macbook. With the 14”, you can put your laptop with its sleeve in this bag, but with the 15”, it’s just enough for a laptop without sleeve.

Just rest assured to give this model a try as it’s backed by a 1-year warranty to cover any detects caused from its manufacturing process.

3/ Tomtoc 14 Inch Laptop Shoulder Bag, 360° Protective Laptop Case for 14″ Lenovo ThinkPad

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At the first glance, might many people think this Tomtoc’s laptop shoulder bag is the same as the Lacdo’s. However, when diving more deeply into its functionality, you will see the huge difference between two of them.

First up is their major compartments, the way you pull its zipper is different entirely. With Lacdo, it’s a zip-around compartment while the Tomtoc’s is just a side zipper. This small change is a two-edged sword as on one hand, it helps to eliminate the risk of pickpockets trying to steal your precious laptop while on the other hand, it’s a little bit more struggling when you want to access it quickly.

However, I don’t find this is an annoyance at all. Instead, I appreciate its two-year warranty more. Within such medium-price range, such good guarantee is worth a try.

Besides, its 360-degree protection is a big bonus. Its inner padding is quite thick yet lightweight to stay comfortable in your shoulder. Not saying that, the outer material is waterproof to secure your laptop ultimately.

Now, move on to its sealed pockets outside, they are spacious enough to it a cellphone, cables, charger, kindle, wallet, keys, and mouse. Even, they have some other smaller slots or pocket to keep such stuff well-organized.

In briefly, this bangs for your buck!

4/ DACHEE Black Peony Patten Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag Case Sleeve for 14 Inch 15 Inch Laptop Case Laptop Briefcase 15.6 Inch

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If you already read my article reviewing top-rated 13” laptop bag, you will see how interested I am in this model.

Speaking of bags for women, Dachee is their best friend!

Their products are super feminine yet modern. For example, this Black Peony Pattern Laptop, though lightweight and comes in a slim silhouette to fit standard women figure, its inner padding cushion isn’t not that slim. Instead, it’s pretty thick, soft and secure to keep your laptop in place and protected.

Compared to its counterparts in the same range, this bag is like a laptop sleeve more with simple instruction. Aside from its major zip-around compartment, there’s just one more zippered pouch on the backside where you can put in mouse, adapter and some pens.

In other words, it’s perfect for those ladies who love carrying slim.

Speaking of its pattern, the printing in its canvas is well-made with waterproof ability to provide better protection to your inner gear as the print. Even supposed under sunlight or wash with chemical, don’t be afraid the color was faded out or its printing was peeled off.

It’s built with time!

5/ MOSISO Laptop Shoulder Bag Compatible 15 Inch New MacBook Pro

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You can’t misunderstand laptop bags from MOSISO.

Their products always have a contrasting color line around their zippers which is like an unspoken watermark of MOSISO and also a feature to make your style outstanding. Along with aesthetics, this design also meets my requirement of functionality.

The very first thing is its durable material!

I don’t mean just its outer fabric with great waterproof ability, but also the inner lining, the foam padding layer and the hardware. Just imagine how it would be on a laptop bag without padding? I bet your precious laptop didn’t want to get in it at all.

Despite how careful you are, can’t deny that there’re many accidental bumps or scratches happened to the bag. In such unlucky situation, the thick padding layer inside will take its role. Along with that, its sturdy handles are strongly seamed with tight stitching to help you carry the bag more firmly.

But here’s where the real fun begins – these two handles can be tuck away when not in needed. On the other hand, if you want your hands free, attach its shoulder strap, adjust it to fit your height the best and there you go.

Speaking of the construction, other than its middle compartment with durable zipper, there’s one zipper pouch on the outside with an open pocket where you can put up your cellphone, wallet or mouse.

In general speaking, with 14.37 x 0.79 x 10.04 inches size, this bag can fit almost 14” laptops without bulk. However, if you’re careful, check it on the product’s description to check whether or not yours fit in this model. The manufacturer has listed out all laptop lines there.

Lastly, there’s 1-year warranty to ensure you’re always happy with your purchase.

6/ Dell J1V9M Professional Briefcase 14

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First up, I’m quite surprised that Dell also makes business on laptop bag (though think carefully again, it’s reasonable). I thought they were just specialized on laptops. And secondly, it’s even more amazing when their product lines are freakily diverse and SUPER COOL.

If you’re a male, don’t miss out this model.

There’re four options for you to choose from: sleeve, briefcase, backpack and gaming backpack to fit your 14” laptop in the best way.

I’m quite sure that you can pick the most suitable design matching your requirements. For example, if you just need something protection and secure for your laptop and its enclosed gear, consider the sleeve. It fits just right to any 14” laptops, and adapter, mouse, some more space for wallet, keys and kindle.

However, if you want to take advantage of this laptop bag for more EDCs, serving for your business trip or office worker life, bear on mind the briefcase. There’s more space with lots of slots and compartments to accommodate clothes, documents, books, notepads and stuff like that.

Similar to the backpack line. Now, some might be wonder which the term “gaming backpack” means. Well, easily, it’s made for gamers who would like to carry their vital keyboard alongside. You know it, with gamers, a keyboard is life. Haha

I bet we all get acquainted to how high-quality and durable of Dell Laptops. And now, its bags aren’t a joke. From the well-made material, its lightweight, the strong seams, to its inner padding layer with breathable mesh material – I don’t have any remorse.

Particularly, its material is waterproof efficiently with closure zipper to bear any heavy rains without fears of leaking or damages. So, if you focus more on a bag’s functionality, just go for it!

7/ ORICSSON 14 inches 14.4″ Laptop Tablet Sleeve Case Bag with Shock Absorbent Black

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This Oricsson seems a little bit simple and basic, but it strikes back with incredible functionality.

With it, you have four ways of carrying: the sleeve, the handbag, the shoulder bag and hanging on rod box. And in each way, you can style it with some certain outfits. Particularly, this luggage strap is truly convenient when you walk around an airport because it keeps your hand free to holding passport and flight ticket, holding foods and drinks or waving a taxi.

A good thing is its handles can be tuck away when not in need to utilize as a sleeve. Or, you can take advantage of this “secret” space to hide some small change for quick access.

Now is its capacity which is another thumb-up. This laptop bag from Oricsson has one large zip-around compartment measured by 14.9″*10.5″*1.5″ to fit a laptop sizing 14” to 14.5” neatly. Besides, it has another zippered pouch on the backside where you can put up a mouse, a charger and so on.

But the best thing is its inner furry padding layer which is superbly soft, comfortable and secure to keep your laptop stay in place neatly and protectively. Due to its helpfulness and mature outlook, I highly recommend you to using it as a travel bag or an item for work.

8/ BRINCH 14 inch New Soft Nylon Waterproof Laptop Computer Case Cover Sleeve Shoulder Strap Bag

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Brinch Laptop Bag is my recommendation for those who want to go larger. For example, if you’re going on a day trip or might be two-day trip when it’s essential pack some more vital stuff like clothes, or stuff like that. And, you don’t want to carry too much luggage.

Measured by 15 x 11.4 x 3.5 inches, featuring a front big zippered pocket, 1 middle spacious zip-around compartment and 1 additional zip-around one, this model competently accommodates a 14” laptop/Macbook, a smart phone, charger, mouse, wallet, keys, Kindle, pens books, and clothes.

Compared to other counterparts in this field, this bag comes in similar width and height, just a little bit thicker for extra storage space. But, it’s reasonable and acceptable to carry around without bulk. Not saying that its waterproof, scratch-resistant nylon material coupling with tight stitching and strong seams are perfect to bear a heavy load.

Particularly, the durable zippers are waterproof as well to keep your inner stuff sage against splash, water pills or rains. Another big bonus is its luggage strap to attach to your rod box when you need your hands free.

Designed as a unisex model with 7 colorways to choose from, I bet that you will surely choose the most suitable bag from their list.

9/ Travel Laptop Backpack, Business Anti-Theft Slim Durable Laptops Backpack

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Now, if you prefer carrying your laptop bag on both shoulders, consider the rucksack silhouette. Though many people think it’s so out of style, this Travel Laptop Backpack from MATEIN doesn’t the one. Arrive in a lean silhouette with many color options to choose from, particularly, there are two camouflage designs, I’m sure you won’t feel it’s cloddish at all.

On the other hand, rucksack is the best choice for travelers and backpackers because of its wise construction for extra storage space. Not saying that there’re more compartments or pockets or slots for certain stuff, keeping them stay neatly and well-organized for easy access.

It’s truth to say that this is the most spacious model in this collection which you can put up a 14” laptop/Macbook, charger, cables, mouse, wallet, clothes, Kindle, books, notepad, water bottle, umbrella and soon.

You can pack maximumly for a 3-day trip without bulk. And its padded shoulder straps coupling with back breathable mesh padding layer will help you eliminate such heft and stress on your body, keeping you feel as comfortable as possible while carrying it a day long.

Or, if you want to carry it by hands, utilize the top comfortable sturdy handle. To get your hands free, attach it to your rod box by the equipped elastic band.

But here’s the best part – USB cable where you can quick charging your smart phone while on the go. This function is super useful for traveler when there’s no stable electricity charger available.

10/ Case Logic 14-Inch Security Friendly Laptop Case

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Last but not least, it’s the Case Logic Laptop Bag.

If you usually travel, are you looking for a security-friendly laptop bag? This is nearly a must-have feature to consider to save you tons of time when going through security. And here’s my pick for you!

Not only it adapts that requirement so well, the bag also comes in extremely high-quality material with many extra functions to meet your daily demands on a laptop case. So, would you mind diving more deeply into it?

Truth to say, before purchasing this model, I’ve heard many customers advice the others to go for the precious bag. However, after examining and considering, I found that the difference between two designs was this one coming in an inner tablet pocket. About the price, it’s only five bucks’ difference. So, in my personal opinion, I am willing to pay for this one.

Besides, there’s a luggage strap attach to the backside of the briefcase which you can easily loop it to any rod box for hand free. Speaking of material, it’s made out of high-density 900D and 1680D ballistic nylon to be scratch resistance and waterproof pretty well. Not saying that it’s freakily durable to serve you for years.

As promised, I’ve just shown you 10 top-rated 14-inch laptop bags arriving in different types, styles and designs to fit certain requirements. Your task is just questioning yourself which is the most suitable for your demand, partly due to those questions that I’ve already mentioned on the beginning of this article. I’m sure that you will have this task completed quickly and easily.

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