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Best 13-Inch Laptop Bag 2018

Amongst our EDCs, no matter they are for school, travel or work, can’t deny that a laptop bag is quintessential out of the bunch. Without it, we can’t carry all stuff we need for a go, particularly laptop, charger and mouse.

Besides, a good bag will deliver good protection to your expensive gear, like avoid bumps, scratches and even water/rain. It depends on your personal demand and which kind of climate is there. If your laptop is 13-inch size, and you’re looking for the best of the best laptop bag, keep reading this article because here, I’m going to show you top must-try models.

1. Handmade Leather Crossbody satchel shoulder Messenger briefcase laptop ipad tablet pro bag 13 inch

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This collection can’t be complete without this beautiful handmade leather laptop bag for men. This guy is a perfect choice for those who own a small-sized laptop, like 13” and smaller.

It’s compact, cool and versatile to fit your daily use, for example go to work and to school. But the best thing is when you needn’t use your laptop, just let it stay at home and carry this bag to hang out, shopping and so on.

This satchel, it’s very stylish, well-made, and you can style with different kinds of outfits, from basic to dressy, from casual to a little bit showy. In other words, it nails up your style and your fashion, no matter what you are putting on.

I think that might be a big thank you for the precious genuine goat leather. Though it’s tough to use in the first couple of days, after roughly two weeks, this buddy breaks in and fits my stuff pretty well.

But the best thing is it’s get darker and shinier times to times. And speaking of durability, no joke! With proper manual care, it can last for years. Combined with died beautiful brown, the satchel does bring a classic and luxurious vibe.

Other than the leather, its hardware and other details are invested delicately with canvas stitches, strong seam, durable zippers and shiny buckles.

Three ways of carrying style – hand carry, crossbody and shoulder. But just one small thing I don’t like from this bag is its undetachable shoulder strap. Actually, it’s just removeable on one end whereas the other isn’t. I don’t understand, but this’s a little bit inconvenient if you just want to carrying it by hand.

2. MOSISO Polyester Messenger Laptop Shoulder Bag Compatible 11.6-13.3 Inch MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

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If functionality is what you want to pay more attention to, I highly recommend to trying MOSISO’s laptop backpack. It’s designed to fit just right to officers, workers or businessmen with elegant and mature outlook.

At the very first glance, this pack might look a little bit small to the eye, but in fact, it is measured by 14.17 x 1.57 x 10.82 inches – fit just right to any 13” laptop – and there’s expendable bottom to provide extra storage space when in need.

Besides, its construction is truly well-organized to accommodate your EDCs neatly for easy and quick access. Going outside in, you have 1 zippered pouch, 1 large sleeve and 1 hidden pocket near the handles. (I particularly like to put my smart phone here, or you can place your keys/bills or other regular stuff like that)

With the zippered touch, it’s not too spacious but able to fit just right an iPad or note books. With the bigger sleeve, it’s ideal for notepad or documents.

Its interior comes in similar simplicity as its exterior with a laptop strap (fit a 13” laptop with sleeve), 1 large open pouch and 2 smaller pockets so you can freely organize your stuff.

Another thing you should be aware of is its waterproof and spill-resistant polyester surface to bear a light rain or splash. Along with that, there’s a shockproof sponge equipped on the inside to give best protection to your laptop.

Its measurement is reasonable to fit both men and women with adjustable and padded strap. Feel free to try it no matter who you are.

3. Mosiso Polyester Fabric Sleeve Case Cover Laptop Shoulder Briefcase Bag for 13-13.3 Inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Ultrabook Netbook Tablet, Black & Hot Blue

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Next is a modern-look laptop briefcase from Mosiso.

It highlights with contrasting color rim on its zippered to easily stand out from the crowd. It’s outstanding but not too much thanks to the combination with black as the major color.

This design is even slimmer than its previous brother, which is also my favorite. You can carry it by hands, utilize its cross-shoulder strap or simply, just “hug” it. Don’t misunderstand that posture will make you like a fool, it’s really fashionista-like and elegant.

A unique feature in this pack is its handles, instead of equipped on the top, it’s on the side. The modern look and its stylization also lie in the small pocket on its frontside (near its zippered pouch).

I can understand that this additional pocket takes the same role as the pocket near the bag’s handles like its previous design, which means you can place your smartphone, keys, cards, or bills. The zippered pouch, on the other hand, isn’t narrower by this change, still large enough to fit any iPad, A4-sized documents and notepad.

Love its soft internal foam cushioning as well! Aside from its waterproof outer material and the shockproof sponge, this extra layer is outstanding and useful to keep your precious laptop against outer impact.

If you love carrying less, I vote to purchase this model rather than the previous design for its slimmer and thinner silhouette.

4. Tomtoc Original 360° Protective Laptop Sleeve Shoulder Bag for Surface Pro 5/4 / 3 |

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For those who have a Macbook, it’s struggling sometimes because of the laptop bags’ size chart. The truth is a few 13” bag doesn’t fit yours while some others, the same “13-inch advertised” fits it like a glove.

If you want to get rid of that annoyance, choose Tomtoc laptop sleeves as it offers two options: the 11.6 x 13” – fitting any New Macbook Pro and the 13 x 13.5” – fitting any Macbook Air. Along with that, 8 colorways to choose from. Some pastel tones are really attractive for women while the neutral and dark shades are perfect for men.

What makes this laptop bag stands out from the crowd is its construction. Though it also comes up with two big pockets on the front and a major compartment in the middle, the way to organize your stuff is another different story.

Detailly, with the main compartment, its zipper is vertical, not horizontal like other laptop bags, this small change helps you to easier access your gear. And, this compartment is just utilized for laptop or maximumly, some thin documents. It’s synonymous to your other EDCs will be accommodated in its two front zippered pockets.

Don’t fret! They are big enough to fit pens, earphones, smart phone, wallets, chargers, mouse and stuff like that, neatly and nicely without a hot mess.

In terms of its protection for your laptop, apart from the thick padding, I really appreciate its corner armor as a safeguard of your laptop at the bottom. So, even you accidentally let it fall down, rest assured that your expensive Macbook still survives.

5. Brinch Unisex 13-Inch Laptop Messenger Bag for Apple, Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba – Black

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Another good brand specialized in laptop bag is Brinch.

Though their designs are a little bit popular with no emphasis, I love its well-made and streamline construction. Rarely find such elegant and good-quality as this Brinch, I swear! From the stitching, the Velcro strap to the lining, small pockets and its handles – everything is just perfect with clear feeling of its durability.

Made out of top quality oxford fabric with light scratch resistance, coupling with polyester padding layer and fabric lining for upending longevity and protection to your electronic gear.

If you don’t much as many front pockets as those models I’ve mentioned, this design might be your best bet with one zippered pouch on the front and one the backside. Particularly, inside this zippered pouch, there are some card slots, pen slots and a small open pocket for smartphone.

So, in comparison, its construction gives more security to your cellphone rather than other laptop bags. A thumb up for its firm and sturdy Velcro strap, it doesn’t bring any cheap feeling, but a durable and well working strap to serve you for years.

Speaking of its main compartment, this feature is similar to other bags with one laptop strap to keep your gear in place without slipping out unwantedly. On the other side, there’s a large compartment and two smaller open pockets for chargers and mouse.

6. Canvaslife White Rose Patten Canvas Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag Case Sleeve for 11 Inch 12 Inch 13 Inch Laptop

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Girls, this beautifully floral Canvaslife is just for you! But guys, don’t quickly quit it, there’re still some other patterns for you, for example, the cool and trendy marbles.

Don’t worry about the printing because it’s high-quality printed to last for years without peeling or fading.

Truth to say, it’s like more a sleeve rather than a laptop bag because of its superb slim silhouette plus simple construction. Other than its major laptop compartment in the middle, there’s a small open pouch on its handles to fit just right an iPhone 6/small notepads/bills and 1 zippered compartment on the backside where you can put mouse, chargers, books or stuff like that.

I want to highlight its lightweight because it will cut off much heft to avoid straining your shoulder down while carrying the bag. However, the quality is guaranteed! Awesome!

Speaking of the hardware, either its zipper or metal buckles are well-made with top grade quality that you can feel its durability from the sound when you pull it.

Highly recommend it if you want to go light and slim.

7. DACHEE Black Peony Patten Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag Case Sleeve for 12 Inch 13 Inch Laptop

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Come to DACHEE, it’s not exaggerating to say that this model is a more preferable choice for women.

There are totally 7 different patterns to choose from. The material is canvas with printed pattern, but don’t misunderstand it with the dull color laptop bags on the market nowadays. The canvas texture is good with water-resistant ability and nice printing to surely not fade out or peel off during time.

Take a zoom-in look on its surface, you will see that the 13” laptop bag is really high-quality and on point to serve you for years. Not saying that its metal zippers or other hardware is sturdy, firm and durable as well.

In general look, this bag is quite slim, more look like a sleeve for its simple construction, too. Differ from other laptop bags that try their best to cram as much pockets as possible to give you as more extra storage space as possible, this one come in just one laptop compartment in the middle and one zipper pouch on the backside.

However, this zippered pouch contains some pen slots and other small open pockets to keep your mouse and smart phone in place, avoiding wasting time diving in the bag for the thing you need. Thumb up for this!

8. 13.3 inch Laptop Messenger Bag, Evecase 13.3″ – 14″ Canvas Messenger Bag

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Now, I know that many of us usually go on a business trip every month and might you be looking for this feature so badly – the luggage strap, right? Thanks to it, your heavy messenger bag won’t strain down your shoulder any more while standing in a queue at an airport. Or more simply, this strap will keep your hand free for waving a taxi, call somebody or holding other stuff.

And this 13” laptop bag, aside from its sturdy and comfortable shoulder strap, it has such decent luggage strap.

Besides, if you’re wondering about its interior dimensions, they are 14 x 10 x 2.5 inches – enough to fit a 13” laptop/Macbook with its sleeve. And, there’s still some more space to accommodate other stuff like wallet, clothes, mouse, chargers, iPad, keys and so on.

Particularly, thanks to its wise organization, get no fears of it becoming a hot mess inside your bag. When in need, everything is truly easy to access.

Made out of waterproof canvas, don’t think that it’s too thin to protect your expensive gear. There’s a padded cushion inside to keep its inner content against bump, impact and scratch pretty well.

Be aware that its water-repellent material can bear a light rain or accidental water pills. Avoid soaking it in water or carrying it under a cat and dog rains.

9. ProCase 13 – 13.5 Inch Sleeve Case Cover

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I love the stylish look of this laptop bag featuring a contrasting rim around the design, plus the synchronized-colorway logo on the front so that you can easily spot out your bag from distance. Or, it’s a perfect accessory to nail up your style and fashion.

Measured by 14.5 x 10.5 x 1.5 inches, with the inner dimensions – 14 x 10 x 1.1 inches, fitting nicely any 13-inch laptop/Macbook with its sleeve.

Be aware that its wrap-around zipper is on the downside, contrasting to other normal bags. This is, truth to say, a two-edged sword as on one hand, it helps you access your laptop quickly – just place it in a flat surface, unzip and take it out. But on the other hand, always make sure that the zipper is locked properly unless you want your expensive laptop accidentally fall down to the ground.

Besides, when you decide to stick your life to this laptop bag, you should be a minimalist person due to its simple and basic design. Aside from its major compartment for laptop, there’s just one open pouch on the backside where you can put up your mouse, charger and stuff like that.

10. Casecrown MacBook Pro / Air 13″ CaseCrown Campus Horizontal Messenger Bag

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If you love flip-up laptop messenger bag, don’t hesitate to try this Casecrown.

Its Velcro strap is really sturdy and secure to keep your laptop and other inner stuff in place without falling out unexpectedly, even if you steep it back down. Particularly, this model is a perfect compromise of functionality and design to not only bring you a stylish look and keep it superb slim silhouette, but also provide enough storage space for laptop, wallet, iPad, keys, pen, documents and notepad without bulk.

Aside from its major laptop compartment, there’s a various pockets and slots on the frontside and backside with zipper closures.

Speaking of the material, it’s water-repellent canvas to bear a light rain or a splash or water pills, however, under a downfall rain, chances are that its corner might not be a tight seam. So, be aware of this feature.

Besides, there’s no handles but just an adjustable and removable shoulder strap to keep your hand free. But don’t worry, this strap is padded pretty well to support your shoulder perfectly. Made as a unisex bag with neutral colorways, no matter which gender you are, just consider it.

If you’re confused of investing a big amount of money on a high-quality laptop bag, I think you should because when you already spent for an expensive laptop, there’s no reason to not equip for it a good protector. Just because of regretting to spend some more bucks on a secure bag, you will regret purchasing a cheaply-made model that gives no protection to your gear. Worse, you not only waste money on this accessory, but also have your laptop in risk of being injured. So, don’t hesitate to buy a good laptop bag, it’s worth in a long-term investment.

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