How To Select A Handbag To Suit Your Body Type

When it comes to a woman’s wardrobe, handbags might be one of the essential accessories. Rather than a blouse or a dress, a handbag takes an influence on complementing any outfit as well as building the fashion taste of an individual. The most common mistake while choosing a handbag is that we virtually focus on its colors and designs rather than its shapes and silhouette. In fact, these two elements play an important role in emphasizing your body strengths and hiding your imperfections. Not saying that, it does help to reduce pain in your shoulder, neck and back as well.

Though they are just additional accessories, it’s essential to equip yourself some tips to choose the right bag to fit your figure. Here, in this article, I will drop you some knowledge about different bag types as well as their compatibility with particular figures.

Body Shapes vs. Handbag Shapes

A general formula that is really easy to remember when considering a bag type is selecting the one that contrast to your figure.

For example, a rounded, slouchy hobo bag is perfectly fitted to those who are thin and tall. Meanwhile, a curvy and short body shape should play off a rectangular and tall handbag, (or a sleek and long one, like a clutch).

I call this is the balance rule. But you needn’t carry out this rule rigidly. Like those who have round figure, it’s not a must to opt for a hard box to make your whole look balance. There are still many other options like a square-designed bag or a rectangular silhouette covered by soft fabric or genuine leather. It still works well.

Terminology for Handbags

Before acknowledging yourself on how to choose the right handbag, firstly, you need to know their terminology.

The hobo bag: A slouchy and soft style bag with crescent-shaped silhouette for shoulder

The duffle: A bag with tall shoulder and wider opening on top

The tote: A bag with handles and straps with opening on top

The field bag: A shoulder bag with buckle or snap flap on top

The baguette: This shoulder bag with rounded and long silhouette is made well-known by Fendi

The satchel: Virtually used as a handheld bag with large measurement

The clutch: Come up with compact and small dimensions to handheld neatly in hand or tucked under the arm.

The cigar box: Also known as a minaudiere with concise, hard and boxy bag

The messenger bag: A one-strapping bag carried across the body with large dimensions

The crossbody bag: Like messenger bag but end up with smaller size with long chain or strap.

The Kelly bag: A unique structured classic Hermes-styled bag that is named after Grace Kelly with specific hardware closures.

The pouch: A mini-sized bag with soft feeling touch.

All About Scale

Does it help to make us look slimmer after choosing and carrying the best bag? Well, not exactly! However, a right handbag enables to flatter your figure. There are two elements playing role in opposing your shape for ultimate flattery, they are bag shape and size.

Just think about it: A 6-foot tall woman will look weird if she is wearing a 14-sized teensy handheld bag whereas a 0-sized petite is too slouchy and enormous.

There is a rule of thumb: where a handbag’s bottom touches your body, that area will be accentuated. For instance, a handbag that hits around your hips will bold their width. From that point, choosing a bag that ends around the mid-torso will help it look flatter.

With those busty women, I advise you not to choose crossbody bags as their straps usually cuts across your bust line, which causes many difficulties to carry off.

How to Select a Handbag for Your Shape

For Tall & Thin Women

This figure is the easiest one to match with various bag types. Women who are tall and thin can comfortably try any style and shape, for examples, backpacks, knapsacks, messenger bags, elegant clutches and shoulder bags.

But, there is just one type you should avoid is those mini-sized bags because they will make you look even taller, which is imbalanced. Instead, the medium to large sizes are ideal.

Big Bust and Apple Shaped Figure

Never go for those small-sized handbags with short straps or handles as they will draw more attention to your hips. Instead, let’s consider those long-handle bags, messenger bags or over the shoulder bags. Another selection is those bags that are over your arm, for example Hermes Birkin.

How about girls with small butts and desire to make them look bigger? Well, in this case, let’s try clutches or short handheld bags. They work greatly!

For Short and Petite Women

Tiny girls, please remember that the best formula for you is proportions. I mean you should opt for small bags and avoid those stylish yet large-sized ones as they will make you even shorter and smaller.

The best selection is a lovely mini-sized bag that are over your arm or shoulder. Besides, please bear on mind this fashion rule when it comes to choosing an over shoulder bag, don’t let it end below your hips because too long handbag will look like you shorter than your actually height. Instead, let’s adjust the strap or choose those over shoulder bag that sits at your bust line.

Rounded with Wide Hips

With this body shape, your mission is to distract the attention from the hips to other parts, in this case, the upper part is ideal. Start from those colorful and bright medium-sized shoulder bags with short straps to ensure it will stay under the arm.

Avoid: those handbags, big totes hit your hips or midriff because they can cause your hips look wider.

Athletic Figure

In this case, those angular and narrow handbags are a no-no. If you have too athletic and angular figure, go for rounded and plump bags. For instance, backpacks with unique and one of a kind details, studs on the handles or straps and embroidery.

Plus Size Figure

You should consider those average-sized well-tailored bags with bright prints or original design. But, in turns, you should stay away from tiny handbags or clutches.

Some More Tips

It’s essential to spend time searching for the exact dimensions of your favorite handbags before dropping money on it. Or you can head straight to the store and try them in front of mirrors until grabbing the most suitable.

When choosing a handbag, think about the lifestyle you intend to use it. I mean which cases you are going to use it, which kinds of outfits you are going to mix, etc.

Don’t follow crazily to trendy fashion and items because you know, the best thing is the most suitable. Choosing a handbag that looks the most beautiful in you, not in the others.

Summary, when it comes to considering the right handbag, there is one and only golden fashion rule – choose the one that is maximumly opposite to your shape’s major weakness. Bag shapes, styles and colors are three first and foremost elements you should bear on mind. Take time to try and consider carefully to pick the best one. Good luck!

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