Best Women’s Leather Handbags 2019

Women’s leather handbag is a little bit of everything you need to style in multiple occasions. The leather handbag landscape is vast with countless styles, designs, sizes and colors that can be overwhelming you right in seconds.

That’s why I – not required, but still feel it should be – surface and examine the best women leather handbags out there to give more free time on your hands.

Below, there are 10 industrious women’s leather handbags made out of different high-quality types, including tote bag, shoulder bag, and crossbody options to ensure you can find out at least one from this list. Read on!

01. S-ZONE Vintage Genuine Leather Handbag Big Large Capacity Upgraded Version

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I noticed a friend of mine who got this bag, and as a New Yorker, I’m always addicted to those big handbags. Its simplicity and minimalism attracted me right on the very first moment, whilst other ladies might don’t. That’s something can’t judge, we have our distinctive taste, right?

But what really satisfies me about this handbag is its huge capacity, plus, very streamline interior. My desire of the best women’s handbag is quite simple – just a big one with two handles drop length that I can shove over my shoulder while carrying a bunch of stuff for work, like laptop, a long wallet, house keys, smartphone, notebooks and makeup stuff.

With this, I’ve got 2 big major compartments, 1 zippered pocket and particularly, 1 hidden place for important or valuable asset. That’s so satisfying! Besides, it also provides a few card slots and phone slot as well. My laptop is about 11 inches and it fits nicely in this incredible handbag.

On the outside, there’s an extra zippered pocket where I can place my regular yet less important things like parking card, some charges and car keys.

The leather seems high-quality with soft, smooth feeling touch. Also, a compliment for its tight and sturdy stitching as well that up to now, it’s been 4 months of daily use, my bag doesn’t show any signs of wears and tears yet. Awesome!

02. Scarleton Medium Belt Accent Tote Bag H1264

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This one I got for free because it’s a birthday present from my best friend. She’s also a true vegetarian and that’s why this tote bag is made out of 100% synthetic vegan leather.

Whilst other women don’t prefer the synthetic materials much, I find it’s great for daily use because not only we give a hand to lessen one animal killed to serve our fashion stuff, but it’s also as soft and good looking as a real leather handbag. Plus, it’s more affordable, water-resistant and comfortable as well.

Another interesting feature is its detachable and adjustable shoulder strap that I won’t be afraid if my favorite bag would fit my shoulder width or my personal height or not. Particularly, the removableness of these two handles make it way more versatile because now, either can I shove it cross over my shoulder or loop to my arm while wearing my 11” laptop, umbrella, wallet, smartphone, some notebooks and stuff like that. Great!

Though full-black, this soft leather handbag doesn’t look boring due to its extra golden buckles, O-rings, rivets and brand logo as interesting emphasis.

I’m a kind of woman who loves carrying the whole world along, which is why the capacity and interior of this bag is so satisfying me. Aside from a separate pouch for laptop, there is a cellphone slot and a zippered pocket as well.

In a pinch, highly recommend this black leather handbag.

03. PIJUSHI Floral Purses and Handbags For Women Designer Handbags Top Handle Satchel Bags (22328)

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I decided to bring this girly mamacita home after months of saving because I still need a patterned, outstanding handbag for special and formal occasions like wedding, parties, or stuff like that though I’m a minimal lady.

And it isn’t disappointed me till the end with such that expensive price tag. The stylized outer design with rose embossing doesn’t make the whole bag look bulky, but on the contrary, very stylish and luxurious.

Its top-grain genuine leather material also brings an utter difference in hand-feel compared to my old real leather handbags. Also, the stitching is tight, sturdy and durable that even though I usually carry a lot of stuff such as laptop/mini iPad, wallet, books, makeup, smartphone, A4 file and so on, it doesn’t fall apart or tear.

An extra fabric lining on the inside help my makeup, particularly the lipsticks not color to my precious bag in unlucky cases. Besides, it also helps easier maintenance when I need my bag cleaned as well.

Basically, I need a black handbag to easily style with my clothes, but this one, in red, seems to be a perfect match to lighten up my usual outfit.

Overall, I get no remorse on this red leather handbag.

04. Dasein Womens Pather Leather Structured Classy Medium Satchel Handbag Designer Purse Tote KK03176

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Bought this Dasein recently and can’t be more satisfied. Stylish squared-shape handbag that I learnt from Emma Watson and the bright, true yellow tone is like a vital sunlight to offset the winter doldrums.

I also fall for its sophisticated and luxurious crocodile leather as well – so high-quality for the price under $40 with delicate stitching and an extra golden decorative padlock. Thus, no doubt, it’s a great deal that I would regret all my life if not buying it.

The smaller measurement compared to those three handbags above even makes it more versatile in many occasions from storing my makeup stuff, money, cards and keys for hanging out, shopping and joining a party to accommodating my mini iPad, some A4 file, and notebooks for my business-related events without feeling so bulky and serious.

I kept carrying this bag nearly every day during a month as there’re so many compliments on it, that even amazes me more about its durability. No wears and tears at all!

The thing that I love most is the gorgeous and elegant leather whilst the finish ages pretty well. Dual carrying options upend it versatility and glamorousness more.

If you’re looking for a multi-functional small leather handbag from work to weekend, this is the best bet.

05. Jack&Chris New Vintage Cow Leather Handbag, Tote Bag, MC506

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My Cow Leather Tote Bag from Jack & Chris is really an essential piece of daily work life, particularly for a vintage girl like me.

I find this purchase such a big deal because the price is for two high-quality, character items: a cowhide leather tote bag and a detachable canvas pouch sizing 9 x 7.8 inches. With this extra room, it’s my favorite place to toss all must-have makeup stuff in or sometimes, my regular stuff.

Don’t let the images fool you, the real tote bag is much bigger with 13 x 5.5 inches in size – so deserved for any lady who loves carrying a lot of stuff. It’s a perfect pal for business life, workday, schooling, casual use ad well as a meaningful present for teachers or friends on a certain occasion. And, they will love it for sure.

As crafted from high-quality genuine leather, not only it’s quite heavy duty, but the texture itself will be glossier with time. Plus, the added scratches during usage also increase its personal character.

Wrap up, this is a multifunctional bag for play and work that’s worth as a long-term investment.

06. Goodhan Vintage Printed Handmade Women Mini Crossbody Bag Cellphone Pouch Small Handbag Coin Purse

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I love Goodhan bag because it’s generous in interior to accommodate whatever I toss in, yet still compart enough for me to never think I am carrying something more than a purse. Like the Jack&Chris handbag, this comes in a set of two items: a mini coin wristlet pouch and a cross body bag.

The tote figures a Mary Poppins’s carpetbag look with well-organized interior including three compartments, in which you can put in a 6” smartphone, travel cosmetic, keys, passport and money. In the meantime, the pouch consists of 2 compartments that my suggestion is placing coins, essential makeup stuff, charging wire, card and cash.

This set is more suitable for travel or trips that you need to leave those bulky, giant bags home and carry something smaller, more compart yet the same way of function.

This set is truly low-maintenance, cute and functional. With many color options and affordable price, I have bought many versions of this and worry free of abusing them. But it might take time to throw them away because these little gals are pretty durable.

Besides, thinking of them as a present for your sister or friend girl is the best idea.

07. YALUXE Women’s Stylish Genuine Leather Tote Travel Shoulder Bag Handle bag Bags for Women brown

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This Yaluxe Women’s brown leather handbag is a perfect compromise between fashion and function that I’d love to use for everything from water bottle, umbrella, books to smartphone, tablet, and wallet.

When it comes to a versatile women’s handbag, my goal is to find out one that can fit my entire life in without feeling of my entire life apprehended in it.

I guess the reason this Yaluxe becomes my to-go handbag is because of its spacious and well-organized interior with 4 zippered pocket and 2 opening compartments aside from its so compart silhouette.

The bag is just 11.81″x4.49″x10.04″ in size but thanks to its construction wise, it can keep all of my essential stuff in place and easy access. That’s a great bonus!

Also, I use it for any occasions, from work to weekend. Its stylish and luxurious outlook helps me easily change from an office formal lady to a chic woman with high heels and sexy dress without skipping a beat.

08. Primo Sacchi Italian Leather Handbags

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Bought this one for my sister who is also a minimal girl. She loves it like crazy that I frequently see her with this bag to school, to hang out, to party or whenever she had to go out.

She gave a lot of compliments on its simplicity from the outside in that didn’t feel bulky when carrying around whilst helping her quickly find what she was looking for. An extra zippered pocket on the backside is perfect for regular stuff such as car keys, small charges, parking card, ID employee card and so on.

She also loves the carrying versatile thanks to the detachable, adjustable shoulder strap because she can wear it across her shoulder or over her arms for a different look. Sizing only 20 x 17 x 9 cm, it’s no bigger than a purse.

Another reason why I choose this for my sister is its soft Italian leather that’s 100% handmade in Florence, which I like to think this pal will stick with her for years.

Finally, if you’re a minimal girl, finding for a versatile, compart handbag to serve your daily life purposes, this is the best bet for you.

09. BOSTANTEN Women’s Leather Designer Handbags Tote Purses Shoulder Bucket Bags

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I like to style this sleek and chic leather designer handbag with elegant sets of clothes such as white t-shirt and neutral-tone trousers as an impressive emphasis. Its minimal design fits perfect to my taste without bulky decorative details, but just some silver-toned hardware and stitching.

On the frontside, if taking a closer look, you can see a small brand logo that’s sophisticatedly and sharply embossed. Besides, there’s a detachable shoulder strap and I like its width. Actually, I’m not a fan of those twisted metal or chain metal shoulder strap because it’s quite painful on those days I have to carry many heavy things.

This flat, wide leather strap is my preference not only because it matches with the color and material of its bag, but also makes me feel comfortable during a day.

Going inside, its interior is minimal as well with one large open compartment, two slips and one zippered pocket that I feel enough to keep my essentials undisturbed yet still easy to access.

Another great bonus is its extra bucket bag for more storage space. I love storing my cosmetic and private stuff there. The best thing is it’s small enough to attach to my handbag without feeling too bulky and when not in use, just remove it.

10. BIG SALE-AINIMOER Womens Leather Vintage Shoulder Bag Ladies Handbags Large Tote Top-handle Purse Cross Body Bags

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White leather handbag is a must-have accessory in your closet for its versatility and multifunction. Actually, I’ve tried many before deciding to stick with this AINIMOER for a long time because of its outstanding features.

First up is its elegant, minimal outlook emphasizing two beautiful, girly and stylish tassels, mixing nicely with the silver-toned hardware. I also love the carrying versatility that you can change from the shoving over shoulder style to the crossbody just by a few minutes of changing its strap.

Second is its streamline interior with one big compartment, one zippered slot pocket, one interlayer zippered pocket and two open pouches. This type of organization is perfect when you usually have to carry many small stuffs alongside that chances are disturbed if there’s no particular place for them.

And despite how much heft of your load, its flat and medium wide strap will relieve pain off your shoulder while carrying around.

But here’s where the real fun begins, its four textured metal rivets for extra protection as I usually have my bag sit whenever I sit down or when my hands are full busy, which leads to a result that the bottom or my previous bags get wears and tears super quickly.

And, did I tell about the extra zippered pocket on the backside?

Wrap up

These 10 best leather handbags for women are the result of a long-time testing and analyzing from a lot of models out there. Each of them will fit some certain purpose of use, which I also note down while giving the review.

I hope that you are, at least, inspired from this list to find out the most suitable one to meet your goals and preference. Thanks for reading!

If you’re a fan of leather stuff, don’t miss out this series.

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