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Best Laptop Messenger Bags 2018

Along with the technology progresses, our life is getting quicker and cleverer every day. Laptops are now more and more taking the role of the traditional desktop computer. They are portable, lightweight and take less space than PC, which nobody can’t deny. However, it’s synonymous to the higher risk of getting damage from the outer impacts.

In general, you need to protect them carefully, from traveling to going to work or school. In this article, I will give you 10 best laptop messenger bags that are worth considering this year while considering which is the right model for your precious laptop.

Let’s get started!

1. Timbuk2 Command Laptop Messenger Bag

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Actually, I upgraded to this Timbuk2 from my old Command 2013 and there are some improvements and difference.

But the hugest step up from the 2013 model, in my opinion, is the strap closure system. In the previous design, when lifting the bag up, its strap would loosen constantly while now, there’s a series of it’s attached into the bag’s flap.

Along with that, there’s a series of loops located across the bag to ensure caring for all tensioning shut to various positions. So, this makes the bag stay shut more securely than ever.

Another small change lays on its shoulder straps which are a little bit easier to adjust. Besides, based on the current needs, the power adapter pocket is also moved from the bottom to the hop to increase its volume roughly half as much than the Command 2013.

Other than that, the laptop compartment is now getting a Velcro strap to avoid my gear from sagging and the napoleon pocket has been padded and lined to provide a moderate fit for an iPhone 6 Plus or stuff like that.

Also, the traditional front organizer pouch has now been altered by a deeper pocket on the front to create a nicely clean look and easier access. Though there are still some disadvantage compared to the previous version, it’s trivial. Still highly recommend to try!

2. Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger for Laptops up to 17.3-Inch (Green)

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As its name implies, this buster is super eco-friendly! Made 100% from high-quality cotton canvas with minimal carbon footprint, it’s like one stone killing two birds. You get a durable laptop messenger bag for your own, and also get a hand to save the environment.

Particularly, for those who are looking for a casual bag to use daily for any occasions – school, work, travel, etc. I assure you that it will fit the bill. Moreover, this is an incredible deal for quality!

At first, I thought it was small to only fit a 15” laptop as maximum but WRONG! The Mobile Edge ECO Laptop Messenger can fit up 17.3”, it’s like my mouth is off the ground. Other than that, it can fit up my other EDCs such as wallet, pens, keys and notebooks.

Worry-free about outer impact or collision because the bag is padded thickly to provide good shock absorption. Going insides, its interior is designed neatly with various pockets to keep your stuff streamline.

Though the bag can handle a heavy load (up to 25lb.), I don’t highly recommend doing that because its single strap might cause inconvenience and discomfort if you carry it more than 30 minutes. If truly, you have to carry such that load every day, kindly look for another dual strap laptop bag.

However, the model strikes back with its Velcro strap – works excellently to keep my inside stuff stay in place.

There’s one more thing to keep in mind if you intend to pick this bag is it can’t bear water or rain because of the cotton canvas material. So, let’s just wear it on sunny days, or at least, bring a raincoat along.

3. 13.3 inch Laptop Messenger Bag, Evecase 13.3″ – 14″ Canvas Messenger Bag – Dark Grey

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Now, I know that many of us prefer to carry slim. So, here’s my recommendation – Evecase.

It fits up laptop from the mini-sized to 14” and plus, many other things like wallet, smart phone, notebooks and pens. There is a specific Velcro strap in the laptop compartment to keep it in place no matter you let your messenger bag stand or lie on the table.

Besides, big thumbs up for its neat and clever organization to keep the model stay superbly slim whereas provide huge capacity. It’s true to say everything has its place.

What I truly appreciate is the zipper, buy it and you’ll get a big deal for quality. Not only the high-quality material, but also the hardware is very well-made to give you a clear feeling that it’ll serve you for years.

In terms of the waterproof canvas, it does work! Under a downfall, the rain drops just stay on the outsides and slid off its surface. All what you need to do is wipe dried the bag and continuously use.

In terms of shoulder strap, unlike my old Targus City Fusion laptop bag, this one can handle a heavy laptop without getting loosen down. And besides, there are two handles to flexibly carry by hands or a strap on the back side to attach to your luggage and keep your hands free.

Overall, I’m satisfied with this under $30 laptop bag!

4. Dachee Black Peony Patten Waterproof Laptop Shoulder Messenger Bag Case Sleeve

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While floral items are never out of fashion, why not pick one to nail your characteristics?

Amongst the plethora of numerous floral laptop messenger bags, Dachee is worth considering for both its design and price range. Truth to say, at first, I doubted its quality because the whole bag seemed very lightweight. But then, I changed my mind!

It works pretty well, if not saying excellent compared to the price. And, if your closet is mostly in black and white, I assure you that this item will lighten up your OOTD, at anywhere in anytime.

The options are various, from sizes to designs to meet different tastes and requirements. Besides, made out of high-quality canvas and thick hardware, once hands-on this model, you will clearly feel how well-made it is – very durable and strong.

Moreover, it’s water resistant, too. Though this feature is just relative, you can feel ease in mind of the inner stuff under any downpour.

5. LUXUR Military Satchel Messenger Bag Vintage Canvas Travel Bag for 15 Inch Laptop

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Americans are big.

So, if you belong to that group of people, good news is this LUXUR military satchel will fit your height. The strap is pretty long combined with easily adjustable strap to get the optimal length fitting yours. I’m a 6’7” tall and after adjusting, this buster stays perfectly behind my hip.

Its design is quite modern, energetic and nice. But I think this’s suitable for those high-school boys or university students, more than office guys or businessmen because of its pretty much casual look.

Another great advantage is its large capacity and streamline interior to fit up almost your EDCs like laptop (maximumly 16”), notebooks, pens, iPad, wallet and smart phone.

I like the way it designs and integrates those front pockets and side pockets with snap buttons and buckle straps. They are large enough to fit a bottle, a medium-sized wallet, smart phone, small notebook and stuff like that.

A padded piece on shoulder area of the strap will support you a lot to bear a heavy load of stuff. However, kindly keep in mind that there’s only two ways to carry this bag – crossbody and shoulder as there’re no handles or luggage straps.

6. Lifewit Genuine Leather Vintage 15.6″ Laptop Canvas Messenger Satchel Bag (Grey)

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For those who are looking for a premium cowhide crazy horse leather laptop messenger bag for 14”-15.6” inches to serve for your nature of work, like businessmen, Lifewit deserves a consideration.

Its material is excellent – made out of premium genuine leather, however, it passes any sniff test (literally!). The smell is quite pleasant, not as stinky as my old leather satchels. So, big thumbs up!

Do take notice that the leather texture comes in light scratches, distressing and scuffing. Under the sight of a pro who prefers leather’s natural appearance, this is a good investment. However, on the contrary, if something likes new-shoe leather with slick and chic performance is your taste, you should look for other options, might be the PL 18 inch below.

Besides, not truly waterproof, but the outer performance of this product is slightly waxed to provide a moderate water resistance. Plus, there’s a zipper inside so, under a downpour, just ease in mind partly that your belongings are relatively safe.

More that that, there is one-year warranty so, if it doesn’t meet your requirements, kindly return it for no excuses.

7. PL 18 Inch Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag for Laptop Briefcase Satchel Bag

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Yes, this is it – the no-scratch, no-scuff and no-distress leather messenger bag for any laptops sizing under 18 inches. Being hand crafted by the best artisans, its durability seems level up to many times. Truth to say, after years utilizing, it’s hard to get any complaint on the quality or the material.

It gets darker with time, but the way better. No flaking leather nor rips!

Along with that, its organization is no joke. There are plenty of rooms to fit almost of your stuff like laptop, iPad, iPod, wallets, keys, pens, notebooks, etc.

In terms of hardware, good news is all zippers are branded YKK to assure its top quality and longevity. If you used to fear, even get fed up with poor quality zippers that easily broke just by a strong pulling impact, just feel ease in mind now with this design.

There’s just one thing to be aware of is avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the bag. Ideally, let’s opt for the specialized cleaner for genuine leather to keep it last as long as possible.

8. KomalC 15 Inch Retro Buffalo Hunter Leather Laptop Messenger Bag Office Briefcase College Bag

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This bag is amazing!

Though genuine leather, it’s the finest hunter buffalo material and lined with top-quality canvas to deliver a striking performance. If you love an ancient and a little bit rustic style, this is the way to go for. However, for those who love darker color tone, here is my tip: apply mink oil on the bag and it will turn out beautifully.

In terms of size, KomaIC fits perfectly any 15” laptops/Macbooks with good padding, a Velcro strap and closure snap for the highest protection. Moreover, it can accommodate many other things from iPod, iPad to wallet, notebooks, clothes and pens.

Hands on this best laptop messenger bag and you will clearly feel how high-quality and well-made it is. I assure you, this item will last for decades. Based on its versatile design, you can make use of this as a courier bag, a messenger bag, a leather briefcase or a laptop bag based on personal preference.

Overall, this is the best item under $100.

9. WOWBOX Messenger Bag for Men 17.3 inch Canvas Laptop Bag Bookbag Working Bag for Business School Gray

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Wowbox comes in an absolutely spectacular outlook (which I don’t deny!). In other words, it’s breathe-taking design was the very first reason I hit up the buy button without hesitation.

But then, after getting it, I realized many other benefits coming from this buster. First up, pockets!

There are two in the front and two in both sides with closure straps. The size, on the other hand, isn’t as small as my expectation. In fact, it’s huge enough to fit snugly my iPhone 6 Plus, a small notebook, some pens, a medium-sized wallet and even a mini bottle of water.

However, my favorite is the semi-hidden zippered pocket inside the major compartment for laptop. It’s secret enough to keep all valuables stuff there without fears of thief.

Talking about the laptop sleeve, it’s designed to fit perfectly any 17.3-inch laptops/macbooks and smaller. Other than that, there are some more spaces for other stuff like camera, books, clothes, etc.

In terms of buckle straps on the front, this is a controversial thing as they help to keep my messenger bag stay closure all the time and also adjust to fit different loads, on the other hand, they take time to close the bag.

But in all, this is a worth-considered item for daily life.

10. CoolBELL 15.6 inch Laptop Bag Messenger Bag Hand Bag Multi-compartment Briefcase Oxford Nylon Shoulder Bag For Laptop

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Last up is this CoolBell laptop messenger bag for men!

Its design is clean, minimal and stylish to perfectly suit for businessmen, office-men or university students. So, if you’re not a fan of fancy gizmos or excessive decorations of laptop bags, this is a go-to item.

The major compartment is divided into three smaller pockets with other two on both sides and one flat pouch on the front, all with that are zippered closure. I’m a 6’7” tall and this bag is a little bit long so that I think those guys who are taller should look perfectly while carrying it around.

Talking about the shoulder straps, not only they are adjustable easily, the pivots are 360 degrees so, just worry free that the padding area won’t be upside-down any longer. Yayyyy!

Can’t deny that a laptop messenger bag is a must-consideration for those who are owning a laptop, particularly students and businessmen because they carry almost our vital information serving for our works, study and life. From that point, there’s no reason to not invest on a good laptop messenger bag. Consult the collection above and pick yours. I believe you will at least get one for your precious laptop.

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