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Best Laptop Backpack 2018

Are you looking for the best laptop backpack?

Then, how you do clarify which one is the Mr. Right for your purchase? You know it, in the plethora of numerous types of laptop backpacks, it’s easy to pick one randomly, but truly challenging if want one meeting all requirements.

So here, in this article, I will help you narrow down the choices by listing out 10 best ones based on my experience and knowledge. Now, without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

1. Vintage Laptop Backpack Canvas College Backpack School Bag Fits 15inch Laptop by Puersit

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Start off with a perfect option for those who love carrying simple.

Other than the breath-taking outlook and the clever combination between tear-resistant canvas and uniquely high-quality suede leather, this backpack from Puersit doesn’t give you a bunch of pockets to organize your EDCs, but just a main, enormous compartment where it’s divided into another smaller compartment and a specific laptop sleeve enclosed a Velcro strap, two zippered pouches in the front and two open pockets on both side.

If you just carry a couple of notebooks, a 15” laptop, wallet, a bottle of water and other stuff like that, this bag is perfect to house all of them. On the contrary, if you have tons of tiny things like pens or cosmetics, this’s surely going to be a hot mess.

Next is a compliment for two shoulder straps! They are widened and thickened to deliver the best support to your shoulder, even carry a heavy load in a couple of hours, still feel good without no pain at all.

Choose from three color options: pink, grey and black. Moreover, they provide 30-day guarantee so just feel free to try it, guys!

2. Laptop Outdoor Backpack, Travel Hiking& Camping Rucksack Pack, Casual Large College School Daypack, Shoulder Book Bags Back Fits 15″ Laptop & Tablets by Kaukko

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This is my favorite style of laptop backpack and also gets the highest score in my review.

They look elegant, clean and simple to perfectly style as a fashionista no matter you go to work, school or travel. I particularly like this KHAKI (but not the pinky inner lining, they are just irrelevant to each other).

However, if it’s not your taste, that’s okay as there are a lot of tones in their color palette, such as canvas green, grey, and black.

KAUKKO is also good news for those who love Herschel but your budget is tight. It’s $40 to $60 cheaper than while looks quite the same. In terms of quality, good (if compared to the price tag!) and even the way more functional.

As mentioned above, I don’t like the color of its lining but truth to say, can’t deny the quality. It’s thick and durable to protect all of my belongings.

Like the Puersit, this buster comes in simple and minimal construction with an enormous compartment and a small outer open pocket. At first, I didn’t understand why they create this small space as I couldn’t put my bottle water inside. But then, finally found out its great benefits – storing my parking cards and some small changes that I needn’t pulling out my wallet anymore. Perfect!

Going inside, this enormous compartment is divided into a large pouch, a laptop sleeve and an open smaller pocket which fits perfectly a medium-sized wallet, smart phone or small notebook.

In terms of the large pouch, it can accommodate some thick books, an umbrella, a bottle of water and clothes. At first, I bought it with the intention of camping use, but you can definitely utilize it for schooling, hiking or traveling as well. On top of that, the backpack is designed to deliver the most comfort to your back, like the padding and the thick shoulder straps.

Though the laptop sleeve doesn’t have a Velcro strap like other competitors, it strikes back with a drawstring and magnetic strap to provide the best safety. So, all in all, this is good purchase I’ve ever made.

3. 18.4 Inch Laptop Backpack,BRINCH Multifunctional Unisex Luggage Travel Bags

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Though you can’t expect anything fit for a fashionista, this backpack from Brinch strikes back with its Airflow Back System that your back will surely love. This feature is actually a thick padding design with multi-panel ventilated foam mesh to provide the best support yet breathability and comfort to your back.

Hands on this backpack, a solid feeling you will get is its sturdiness and high-quality. The zippers are smooth and the lining is good. Contrast to those backpacks above, this one comes in various pockets, including 6 outers and 2 inners. Amazingly, it can house a 18.4” laptop without a burden.

Having two mesh pockets on both sides is great, but I feel like they are attached in the wrong place as they will become disturbance if you pack heavy loads.

Based on my experience, Brinch’s provides a perfect volume for a day pack, no matter you are in intention to go to school or work. However, for camping or hiking in a couple of days, it’s probably a no.

In general, if you are finding a solid backpack with extra outer pockets while still keeping its slim profile, look no further than this model.

4. KROSER Laptop Backpack 15.6 Inch Laptop Bag Casual Daypack Water Repellent Nylon Briefcase Business Bag Tablet With USB Port

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Hardly finding nowhere a backpack like this Kroser. It comes in a perfect compromise of large capacity and nice looking.

If you are a person who love carrying your whole world alongside, then there is a very common problem when choosing a favorite backpack, either it’s a big ugly backpack or a suck messenger bag that will eat up your neck and shoulder.

But this model, it overcomes all these annoying matters.

I love the way it opens on the top to widely show everything inside. No fishing, no shuffling, no flap hanging over and no unzipping multiple pockets. Once opened, you’ll find two sleeves and two pockets other than a huge main compartment.

If you own a 15.6” laptop and some leather folder, I advise you to opt for the bigger size. These dimensions are perfect not only for those two things, but also some books, clothes, umbrella, wallet, iPad, sunglasses, watch, pens, camera, charger and stuff like that.

An interesting feature is that the outlook of the smaller and the bigger is much the same. On the other words, there’s just a huge difference on its interior. So, worry-free that the larger one would cause you bulkier.

5. Travel Laptop Backpack, Extra Large College School Backpack w/USB Charging Port

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If nice-looking design is not your priority when choosing a laptop backpack, but its performance with the intention of travel use, 100% you will be amazed by how well-organized everything was and how much this versatile model can hold.

I once own many 17-inch laptop backpacks, but this is arguably the most spacious. Its volume is 45L. Not saying that there is a punch of zippered pockets to help you organize everything neatly without burden.

But what’s worth saying here is that some pockets are deep enough for slim coffee thermos or a bottle of water. In terms of the material, there’s a lot advance compared to the previous version, tougher and more durable.

In terms of the charging port, it works on my iPhone. But you need to be aware of this – there’s no rechargeable battery pack or any inner pocket for the battery pack, which mean you need to buy it your own.

However, in turns, its padding is great, from the wide shoulder straps to the laptop sleeve or its back side. I once used this backpack for my 3-day 2-night trip to Paris. Packed roughly 3 suits, 2 pairs of socks, some books, 1 umbrella, 1 bottle of water, some photos, notebooks, 1 17” laptop, and other stuff, there were still some spare rooms left. Holy crap!

Besides, it was perfect to carry and walked around all day without inconvenience or discomfort. Love it so much!

6. High Sierra Swerve Laptop Backpack

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If you are looking for a cool laptop backpack to hold usual number of books and supplies of a high schooler, very highly recommend this good-quality design.

I bought one for my 15-year-old sister a year ago and she loved it so much. The bottom section is very durable to bear up to 5-7 books, pens, wallet, umbrella, 1 17” laptop and miscellaneous things. It was daily used and got thrown around, dropped in puddles and tossed on the floor, but hardly got a tear or lost a stitch.

Compared to other models, for example the Swiss Gear 5977, High Sierra Swerve gets many advance features. The most outstanding is its lower pencil pocket. While the Swiss comes up with one zipper, the High Sierra Swerve gets a dual.

Might you see this small detail doesn’t matter at first, but think clearly, it brings a huge difference. A typical example is when you forget to close it closely. With only one zipper, all inner stuff will get lost easily while the dual zipper decreases this risk significantly.

So, if you don’t like giving free gifts for all people behind you, High Sierra Swerve is a must-considering.

7. AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops up to 17-inches

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Another great performance laptop backpack for anyone who doesn’t take much consideration on the outlook or fashion. AmazonBasics comes in solid construction with lots of compartments and rooms to hold neatly your post-it notes, phone, power cord, pens, external drives, business cards, books, notebooks, folders, 17” laptop, iPod, ear buds, bottle of water and other stuff like that.

Though it isn’t waterproof, thanks to thick padding on the laptop sleeve, the back side and the outer shell, if unfortunately, you are walking under a downpour from 30 to 60 minutes, your laptop is still safe as I was once forgot to leave it outside. And thanks God, my precious laptop is still alive, fine and dandy. About the backpack, just let it dry overnight and in the next morning, like new and ready to use again.

Measured by 15″ x 7″ x 19″, even after getting fulfilled, this buster can sit under my airplane seat finely without bulk. There’s just one thing I wish it could fix is the bottom section. It’s too lightly padded to provide the best protection.

Besides, those who have more than 17” laptop should consider this. The sleeve is not deep enough to provide full security to all corners of your laptop. I mean the top corners where your laptop is clearly pushing the limits of the fabric, which leads to less protection and might get damage if suddenly dropped or under strong impact.

On the contrary, with 15-16” laptops are fine.

8. Sosoon Laptop Backpack, Business Bags with USB Charging Port Anti-Theft Water Resistant Polyester School Bookbag

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If you usually carry your laptop backpack almost during the day, consider this multifunctional model. Not only come in breathable mesh padding, there are massage mats as well to relieve your shoulders and back from stiffness and pain. Thumb up for this amazing feature!

Although it faces fierce competition, this Sosoon backpack surely creates its own vibe with its optimal outstanding features. For example, the External USB Interface. It allows you to charge your electronic devices from iPad, iPhone, Android phone and others, but the best thing is it also provides a USB cable for iPhone while on the other models, you have to buy it separately.

Or, the material, compared to the AmazonBasics, there is a huge difference. Not only tear resistance and anti-scratch, the 1680D double-pile polyester is also waterproof and longevity to serve you for years. Not saying that the whole backpack will bring you the solid feeling of 20% to 25% less weight than other designs.

Particularly, the zippers and pockets are design to anti-thief, which is perfect to hide your valuable stuff safely. With no doubts, it is the clear winner of my collection.

9. Laptop backpack for men back pack (Grey)

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Another high-quality waterproof canvas laptop backpack with polyester lining for daily use that’s worth considering to invest for the next couple of years.

This design fits snugly any 12” to 15.6” laptops and other miscellaneous things thanks to its large capacity of 35L. Though this volume is a little bit smaller than those AmazonBasics or Sosoon above, the backpack is perfect for a day pack to school, traveling, camping or work.

There are 2 pockets on the outside, 1 huge main compartment on the inside, 2 zippered pockets, 1 headphone hole, and 1 external USB charging port. For those who usually pack heavily day by day, don’t fret, its shoulder straps and the back side are padded moderately to provide a good support to both your neck and shoulder.

On top of that, Doingbag provides a reliable guarantee of 100% risk-free to try their product. Once there were any problems derived from manufacturing process, kindly return it for no excuses, you would get a full refund or a new replacement.

10. SOCKO 17 Inch Laptop Backpack with Side Handle and Shoulder Strap

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Last but not least is this 17-inch laptop backpack from SOCKO.

Choose from 10 color options, including black, blue, grey, green and orange. In terms of sizes, SOCKO provides two options: the 17” and the 18.4”. If you own a 17” laptop like me, kindly pick the 18.4” for the snug fit.

It’s measured by 13 x 5.1 x 18.4 inches, the laptop sleeve is roughly 17.7×13 inches, this buster fits nicely any laptops with 2” thick without a burden. Besides, there are still some rooms left for folders or paperwork as well.

Inside this backpack, there are plenty of rooms to fit almost everything, from my laptop, umbrella, notebooks, wallet, charger, clothes and miscellaneous things. But the best thing is even after fulfilled the backpack, it still fits your airplane seat perfectly. (Travelers, this is good news for you!!!)

My only complaint for this model is the mesh pocket in the major compartment as it tends to damage my notebooks a lot (especially the corners).

Now that’s the end of this article. I hope that this collection did bring you a lot of useful knowledge or at least inspire you to pick the best laptop vacuum to suit for your daily habits and lifestyle. Thanks for spending time on my blog and if there’s any question that needs my help, don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section below.

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