The Best Handmade Leather Bags in 2019

The handmade leather bags all have its own character and vibe that those who love nailing up their unique style with sophistication, my advice is you should have at least one in your closet. They not only take the role of a normal bag to keep your stuff in place, but are also an interesting piece to soup up your fashion taste.

In the article, I’m going to list out different types of bag, made out of various leather kinds with some certain benefits to ensure at least one of them will fit your needs.

Whichever you’re going to choose, keep in mind that all of them are guaranteed by their manufacturer as well as picked from well-known, reliable brands to ensure the best quality. Read on!

1. Firu-Handmade Women Shoulder Bag Vintage Rustic Retro Style Genuine Brown Leather Cross body Travel Handmade Purse

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Speaking of good brands specialized in handmade bag, Firu-Handmade is a must-try one. Though they are new as well as their product lines aren’t as diverse as other handmade brands, you can see and feel how much effort left on each item, from the tanning process to the stitching. They are unique one by one that though coming up with same silhouette, each bag varies slightly.

This is one of my favorites out of the bunch, they have beautiful brown color that’s been through natural and traditional sun tanning process with vegetable oil. That’s why when opening it up, there will be a distinctive smell that might make many people feel discomfort. However, just leave it for a couple of days and it will get faded to readily use.

I’ve been sticking with this 13” x 10” crossbody bag for nearly 3 years and very satisfied that its leather texture is darker and darker beautifully – very vintage when combining with the slight rusty hardware. If you’re following this style, here is the best bet to go to.

For more crossbody bag, take a peek at here.

2. Handmade Women Vintage Style Genuine Brown Leather Cross Body Shoulder Bag Handmade Purse

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For better price of a good crossbody bag, my recommendation would be the one from SatchelandFable.

Like Firu, this is a new comer in handmade leather bag world but sooner gain much love and trust from their customers for their super unique, delicate and quality items. By the way, their product lines are diverse as well.

Speaking of this handmade leather bag, its interior is more streamline than its previous counterpart with 3 inner compartments, 2 zippered pockets, 1 front pocket and 1 adjustable shoulder strap. So, if you’re a girl who love everything looks neat and in place that when opening your bag, they aren’t like a mess, this is your best pal.

Don’t worry that it would be too big because of such huge capacity, this leather bag in fact is quite compact – 13” x 10”.

Aside from superbly high-quality product, I’m also satisfied by how good of their customer service. As this is one of the SatchelandFable’s best-sellers, be careful of replica products. Take note that only in authentic one is backed by the manufacturer with 30-day money-back warranty.

3. Tote with Optional Zipper, Custom Gift for Women

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Some people love arranging their stuff, some people don’t. If you’re in the second group – prefer to put everything in one place that you don’t need to remember which compartment it’s in your bag, tote is a good one to go.

My recommendation for the best handmade leather tote bag is this one from PortlandLeather. They are a well-known brand on Etsy specialized for handmade leather items.

This tote design is convenient as it’s unisex to perfectly be couple things or a group-of-friend thing. Plus, there are 4 sizes and 4 colors to go to. As you wish, its construction is very simple with one spacious main compartment and one extra outer pocket. The basic design is that both of these storage spaces are opened but if you prefer it to be more closure, just quest them to have it customized, such as adding YKK zipper across the top or for both compartments or eliminate the outer pocket.

If your concern is its material, this tote bag is made out of full-grain tanned oil leather that’s naturally water resistant with very low maintenance. Get it and over the time of use, you will be amazed by how beautiful the leather texture is.

About shipping time, it might take about 7-10 business days to have it delivered on your front door. To me, that’s just worthy waiting time for an amazing product.

For more beautiful tote bags, this article might be helpful for you.

4. Handmade leather bag purse small backpack original handbag stylish bag Molly

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Next up is my most favorite out of the bunch – the Molly Handmade leather Bag Purse from ladybuq. It’s a versatile item due to its various carrying ways. You can wear it as a crossbody bag, a backpack or a shoulder bag. I’ve seen many other versatile bags but rarely of them come up with the option of carrying as a backpack, that’s why I decided to cop it right on the first glance.

It took around 3-5 days for Ladybug to finish their product and about 1-3 days more for delivery – the same shipping time as the PortlandLeather.

The measurement of this versatile bag is very small – around 7” x 8” so that its capacity won’t as generous as other bags. But it’s not such that tiny that you couldn’t put in anything. There is one major compartment closed by a magnetic strap and particularly, one extra zippered pocket on the backside. This additional storage space is so precious for me because it fits my mini wallet nicely and anytime carrying it as a backpack, I don’t need to think about my money would be stolen accidentally without notice by thieves. They are super secure and safe.

If you’re looking for a versatile bag for hanging out, this is my suggestion for you.

5. Handmade Leather Bag for Men and Women Bags Computer Satchel Briefcase

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I’m a loyal fan of 90s fashion style, which leads to my decision of bringing this super-vintage handmade messenger bag home. It’s unisex but I personally feel this bag is a bit masculine and characteristic to be a good partner for men.

In terms of materials, they are a combination between heavy saddle genuine cowhide leather and gold-tone hardware to satisfy a classic retro style with rustic look. Aside from a handle strap on top of the bag, there’s an extra adjustable shoulder strap to keep your hands free. It’s bit pity that this strap isn’t removable because sometimes, when I carry it by hands, the shoulder strap does bother me a bit.

However, such that minor consequence doesn’t efface the true value of this wonderful messenger bag. Sizing 15″x 11″x 4″, it fits nicely my 13” laptop and some documents or books. Plus, with 2 opened smaller compartments and 2 inner zippered pockets, I can keep my essentials secure and neat, such as smartphones, note books, earphone, wallet, and so on.

But that’s not all about this bag, going outside, there are 2 additional buckled pockets and two on the sides. In generally, its capacity is on point. However, unlike the versatile bag of Ladybug above, this one can’t be water resistant naturally, which means either you have it oiled for better maintenance or ensure not to carry it under a rain.

You may concern:

6. Men’s Leather Attache Case Mens Leather Bag Leather Briefcase Gift

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For the more minimal spirit in a messenger bag, this one from PortlandLeather is sure to fit the bill. Like its previous counterpart, it’s crafted from the high-end full-grain genuine leather but here, there’s the additional English bridle leathers.

Take note that it’s the full-grain leather without removing the natural imperfections from the hide, which means you need to accept the truth that there will be some small imperfections and scars on the bag. It soups up the bag’s character and vibe. Besides, unlike other types of leather that wears out from time to time, the full-grain will condition naturally with use to be more beautiful.

Now is the interior of this bag, utterly contrasting to the messenger bag above, it’s super simple in construction with no extra pockets on the outside, but just one single spacious compartment inside.

You can change the capacity of this bag by choosing the style – either messenger bag or attache bag. Along with that, are two different color options to go to.

The same shipping time as other PortlandLeather items – 5-7 days.

7. KPL 18 Inch Vintage Men’s Brown Handmade Leather Briefcase Best Laptop Messenger Bag Satchel

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In terms of briefcase bag, this is my go-to of all the time because not only its shoulder strap is conveniently removable, but the major compartment is very closure due to the extra zipper attached.

They don’t look too redundant on the outside with a bunch of extra pockets. instead, there’s just one buckled where I can put in my small note book, some charges, and other regular essentials. That’s just enough for extra stuff.

And going inside, there are two main compartments: one zippered as I mentioned before, and one opened. Plus, is an additional long zippered pocket between this opened compartment and the buckled outer pocket. these three are safely closed by two buckle straps when not in use.

Thanks to such huge full-length storage spaces rather than an avalanche of small pockets or pouches, I can freely place my books on one compartment and my laptop on the another. Besides, my important documents or might be a tablet on a separate space.

In generally, this briefcase is suitable for those who love carrying big things and want them to be arranged neatly.

If you’re interested in briefcases, don’t miss out this collection.

8. PL 18 Inch Vintage Handmade Leather Messenger Bag for Laptop Briefcase Satchel Bag

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If you find those messenger bags that are closed by buckles take so much time to shut it off, might this option be your best bet. Its dual straps are a bit tricky here, as you can see, they are figured as two normal buckle straps. However, when flipping them up, you will find the true metal locks underneath. They are faster to close your messenger bag when not in use, which I really appreciate.

The construction of this bag is simple and minimal as well, which is absolutely my style. There is one major spacious compartment, one extra opened pocket and particularly, one extra full-length zippered on the backside. This is what I love the most because like the versatile bag from Ladybug, I can feel ease in mind to play my mini wallet there. Or, like my friend, he loves tossing his regular stuff there for quicker access yet still ensure the best protection.

One last bonus is its adjustable, removable shoulder strap to keep my hands free and the handle one for more professional look. If you’re wondering about its material, it’s Olive green heavy-duty canvas combining with genuine cowhide leather. About the zipper, it’s YKK. In generally, this is a worthily high-quality messenger bag that you should try at least once.

9. Brown Hobo Bag, Big Hobo Bag, Large Shoulder Bag, Leather Shoulder Bag, Soft Leather Bag, Large Brown Handbag, Daily Leather Bag, Brown Bag

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For a true hobo style, you shouldn’t miss out this bag. It’s also more comfortable to wear on your shoulder rather than the messenger bag or handbag or crossbody bag with tiny shoulder strap. The one on this hobo design is much larger to give significant relief of pain.

But the biggest benefit is its inner spacious compartment featuring 2 mini pockets, 1 zippered and one extra zippered on the outside. With it, you can place your mini laptop, documents, laptop, wallet, smartphone, books and so on whilst having them arranged neatly for quick access.

In terms of material, this bag is made out of 100% precious high-end Italian washed calf leather with cotton lining that there are two staple things you shouldn’t worry about it: Durability and your essentials caring. Usually, with those plastic or metal stuff stored inside a leather item, it tends to stick together, which is annoying and even, cause harm to both items.

Thanks to the cotton lining, your essentials are protected properly whilst the bag itself is kept lasting longer.

Hobo girls, don’t ignore this collection:

10. Leather Duffel Bag, Large Leather Travel Bag, italian handmade leather bags, Weekender Bag, Duffel Bag, Leather Overnight Bag

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For the best travel bag, my choice is this duffle from FlotoBags – a reputable brand specialized in handmade leather travel and duffle bags.

Their items nail up with the finest vegetable tanned genuine full grain calfskin leather which is synonymous to a decent strength, flexibility, eco friendliness, softness and supplement with less harsh chemicals used. That’s why it’s claimed to get better with age.

Another strength of this leather type is the colorway. It’s a rich, deep brown that only exists in vegetable tanned leather to get even darker from time to time. Not saying that the bag is tanned naturally in Italy by the best artisans.

All duffle bag sold will include a 60-day money-return policy to ensure you’re happy with your purchase the most. If you live in the US, another bonus is your order will be free shipped.

In conclusion

I’ll keep updating this collection but you can feel ease in mind that these 10 first picks won’t ever go out of style because leather items are timeless. Plus, the genuine high-quality kinds are only getting better with time with decent durability.

My only hope is this collection of the best handmade leather bags helped you pick out the most suitable for your preference and need. Thanks for reading!

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