Best Fashion Backpacks For Women 2018

Whoever you are, a traveler or a student, finding a perfect backpack is an important thing. It’s like a trustful and helpful companion who always readily to give a help not only to carry your life on your back, but also protect them day after day. That’s why durability and functionality are two certain priorities you should bear on mind. After that, it’s aesthetic and outlook.

On the market these days, there are tons of backpacks for women that to find out the best one, you might need a few days to dive into them. Very time wasting! And I’m quite sure that not many of us have enough free time to invest such huge effort in a backpack. To that end, in this article, I will track down and round up for you this top 10 best fashion backpacks for women, from butter-soft leather to canvas styles.

1. S-ZONE Lightweight Women Genuine Leather Backpack Casual Shoulder Bag Purse Medium

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Starting from the first backpack which S-Zone Lightweight Women Genuine Leather Backback. This is one of the best fashion backpacks for women made from 100 percent genuine leather. Not saying that the material is truly high quality, which is shown up clearly when you touch it, very soft and comfortable.

The bag is measured by 11×11.4×4.7 inches, which is arguably a moderate-sized backpack. And, it weighs roughly 1.54lbs. This means that the material is thick and heavy, but I like it. Why? Because as a backpack, I tend to ask more for its sturdiness and durability. With such thickness and heaviness, I feel so ease in mind that at least the material is longevity.

Besides, if taking a closer look, you will easily identify that this cute backpack is well-stitched and well-made. From the bag, pocket, to the zipper and straps, they are all perfect.

Reminded to zippers, if you are curious about its quality then they are asserted to work well and smoothly.

In terms of construction, this backpack has various compartments so you can easily organize your stuff, from smart phone, wallet to make-up and 9.7-inch laptop. In the exterior, there are 2 side pockets, 2 front zipper pockets, 1 back zipper pocket and 1 main zipper pocket. Going inside, there are 2 small open pockets and 1 inner zipped pockets.

With such dimensions and arrangement, I think this bag is perfect for travel backpack or a day pack for going to school, camping, hanging out.

Another good thing is apart from two shoulder straps, the manufacture also attached one more removeable single strap coming up with 37.4 inches long. Thus, you can create many variations like backpack, shoulder bag or crossbody bag, very convenient!

2. CLEARANCE Canvas Backpack Purse Travel Water Resistant Small/Large Lightweight School Backpacks for Women Nylon

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Next, it is Clearance canvas backpack. I personally think that this colorway is very nice, especially the army green small, which I bought. In a brief talk, it’s perfect!

However, don’t worry if this tone is not your type, there are dozens other colors to choose. However, some models will come in a little bit different designs so, just consider carefully.

Going more in depth in its material, this backpack is utilized high grade canvas that enables to water resistant. Besides, its texture is very smooth and kind of obsessive when touching it. Clearance also asserts that their backpacks are built to last, which means it’s very durable. they even give us a very good guarantee that if this product doesn’t meet our expectation or as exact as advertised, just return it.

From that point, I don’t find any reason to not trying it. But before that, please keep in mind this advice: As this backpack comes in simple style than the S-Zone above with only 1 main zippered compartment including 2 interior slot pockets and 1 zipper pocket, just make sure that you are not the person who expects much on some outer zippered slots for quick access.

However, in turns, this backpack can accommodate your daily essentials very well like iPad, umbrella, make-up, notebooks and wallets. Besides, as its dimensions is a little bit bigger than the S-Zone, which is 11.22 x 12.40 x 5.51 inches, I believe it can handle a bigger-sized laptop than 9.7 inches.

Waterproof, sturdy, durable, good warranty, nice design, this bag from Clearance is perfect daily life packing, such as college, school, and outdoor traveling.

3. Womens Alpine Swiss Genuine Leather Backpack Purse Handbags – 1 Year Mfg’s Warranty

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I must say that Alpine Swiss’ products are very unique and one of a kind, which a typical example is this black leather backpack. It’s a Convertible 3-in-1 so you can use it as a sling bag, backpack or shoulder bag, whatever you like. I really like the sling strap because it’s wide and thick moderately. In other words, this helps to reduce pain as much as possible if you carry heavy load.

Talking the material, this backpack is made from genuine cow hide leather with a tumble drum dyed pebble grain finish. The texture is awesome, very smooth and soft but still hold up its form.

Though its measurements are only 14″L x 8.5″W x 5″D, if you are looking for a backpack with high protection and good organization, this is the right address. There are tons of zipper pockets from inside out: 2 side, 1 back, 1 front, 1 main and 1 inside. Hence, I think if you tend to carry many small valuable things like cash, cards, keys, and make-up, this bag will surely do a thing.

4. SiMYEER Women’s Pu Leather Backpack Purse Ladies Casual Shoulder Bag School Bag for Girls

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Might many of us don’t have good feeling with PU leather for some reasons, but just have a look at these cute backpacks. Whichever color it is in, whether the full-black or the baby pink, it all comes out an elegant, young and luxury look. Not saying that, the material is high quality and even waterproof to give better protection for your stuff.

I like not only its colorway, but also the simple outer performance. Measured by 11.42″W x 4.3″W x 13″H, it is one of the best fashion backpacks for women to leverage the elegant and feminine look. There is no outer pocket except for one zippered in the back, making the whole product very clean and stylish.

There is a main compartment that is double-protected by a flap and a zipper. The flap includes a beautiful, simple, small yet sturdy and powerful to make sure it will be locked firmly when in need. The zipper is high quality, good-working and smooth operation.

Take a look more in depth of the interior, it’s very neat. There are places for everything, from a phone open pocket, document pocket, to the book zipper pocket.

While the manufacturer introduces this product is one of the backpacks for girls, but I personally think with such stylish and sleek outlook, it can fit various ages. Besides, the straps are very multifunctional. No need to detach them, you still enable to wear many different ways, like a shoulder bag, backpack or handle bag.

5. UTO Women Backpack Purse PU Washed Leather Ladies Rucksack Shoulder Bag

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Another Pu leather backpack with diverse amazing features – UTO. However, a little difference is that it is the washed leather with many natural-looked wrinkles. Its biggest advantages are the striking butter softness, anti-scratch ability, water resistance and durability.

I’m not saying that this is the prettiest backpack for women, but it does make a vibe, from the texture, the full-lined black fabric lining to the detailed streamlined stitching. It creates a truly durable and comfortable hand-feel to touch.

Apart from the permanent handle straps and double straps on the back, which gives you two different ways to carry this backpack, if you prefer the one-side shoulder wearing, just make advantage of the detachable single strap. It can’t be adjustable, though. In turns, its metal buckles deserve an A because of its superb sturdiness and firmness.

Dive into the interior, I’m quite sure that you will love it. There is a lively world there with 2 zipper pockets, 3 open pockets. Not mention that there are 2 side magnetic pockets, 1 front key/coin zipper pocket, 1 back private zipper pocket and 1 magnetic flap over packet in the exterior. A well-organized backpack to ensure keep your essentials neatly and securely.

Measured by 11.22″L x 6.49″W x 12.59″H, this product can fit up any 12.9″ iPad Pro. Besides, some more stuff like wallet, pen, water bottle, umbrella and so on.

6. Women’s Leather Sling Purse Handbag Convertible Shoulder Bag Tear Drop Backpack

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This leather backpack from Vine Branch is truly a perfect compromise of three things: functional, secure and durable. Honestly, at first, I’m doubted with its lining and the hardware, but after a few times loading and carrying, it’s beyond my expectations.

Who can imagine that with such 15″ x 10″ x 8″ backpack, it can accommodate up to a wallet, a phone, some notebooks, make-up, phone charging, keys and other stuff like that, totally neatly and sturdily. And even now, I’ve used it for about three months, carrying such heavy load, the bag still doesn’t any wears and tears.

It’s a perfect daily backpack that can even satisfy the most difficult people. Thanks to the special design with a hidden zippered pocket in the back, a zippered main compartment on the top and a flap pocket in the front, it’s hard for thieves to steal your valuables.

Besides, thanks to the clever straps, you can wear this bag in various ways, for instance, a sling bag, a crossbody bag, a backpack or shoulder bag (though this way looks funny, it works well).

You also don’t worry about how “genuine” the material is as right when you open the backpack, the distinct smell of real leather will blow your mind. However, if let it alone for a night, this smell will be faded a lot.

As this bag is designed for daily carry, if you try to load heavy stuff for backpacking, camping or things like that, the straps might cause you feel uncomfortable after a while.

7. Womens Backpack Purse For Women Ladies Fashion Stylish Casual Shoulder Bags

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For those who support animal conservation or don’t want any animals killed to serve for human fashion accessories, consider this vegan leather backpack. This is a non-toxic eco-friendly material. And if you wonder about its quality, then don’t. it’s very durable, comfortable feeling touch and smooth.

Going outside in, this best backpack is quite simple, but with the touch of unique pattern printing, it gives a very popping detail but still subtle and clean. There are two designs: the weaved and the printed in addition to three colors: black, khaki and brown, which I’m quite sure you will find the best fashion backpacks meeting your taste.

In terms of construction, there are two open side pockets for umbrella and small water bottle, one small zipper compartment in the front and a major one on the top. In the interior, there is 1 interior slip pocket and 1 zip pocket. With the dimensions of 12″ x 5.5″ x 13″, this backpack can accommodate up to 13 inches MacBook plus other stuff like wallet, notebook, keys and make-up.

On top of that, I really appreciate for their customer services, very quick and careful. If you need any help, just contact them.

8. LARGE Clear Plastic Security Backpack, Heavy Duty, Water Resistant, School Safety Backpack

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If you like something breaking the rules and one of a kind, try this LARGE Clear Plastic Security Backpack. This might be the very first bag that satisfy me with its straps. They come up with a reasonable width and even get extra padded layer inside for the best comfort.

If you are curious about its material, this backpack is made from water resistant super-duty plastic that has been through stress test to prove for its striking durability and longevity. Also, don’t worry about the quality of those sided net pockets or the front pocket as it is very high quality and lined with Oxford weave. Not saying that these mesh pockets offer great flexibility to hold more stuff than other materials.

Dimensions: 17.7 x 13.7 x 2.5 inches. Unlike many common backpacks with dozens of compartments, this product arrives in an oversized main compartment to fit up a large laptop and other stuff like that. This kind of arrangement is perfectly suitable for those who would like to keep all their essentials in one place.

Moreover, the biggest advantage of this backpack is its super easy maintenance. No need to machine wash, no need to take care of. If it gets dirt, just wipe it down with water and soap.

9. BOSTANTEN Casual Leather Backpack Purse Satchel Shoulder School Bags For Women

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If you are a backpack enthusiast, Bostanten won’t be a strange brand. They are famous for their genuine leather items from cow skin. When it comes to Bostanten backpacks, two common kinds of compliment from customers are for their durability and non-toxic to human’s health.

No need to conduct many complicated tests to know whether it is real leather or not, right from the distinct odor of real leather will be the best proof for that. It might be uncomfortable at first, but don’t fret, the smell will fade away after a couple of days.

What I love the most about this backpack is its simple yet elegant outer performance in addition to the grid lines to release a superb fashionable and stylish youth charm.

There come 7 options with different designs and colors to meet specific taste, but in generally, each bag includes 2 small open pockets, 1 main zipper pocket, 1 zipper pocket. In the outside, there 1 flap powerful magnetic snaps.

For those who wonder, this product is measured with 10.62″ x 4.33″ x 13.78″. It is a moderate-sized backpack with the ability to hold a 5.5″ iPhone 7 plus, 14-inch tablet, purse, A4 file, keys and things like that.

The bag includes a permanent handle straps and two adjustable ones on the back for shoulders. Due to such young and modern design, it is perfect for school, university, work and even daily pack.

10. Vera Bradley Leighton Backpack, Signature Cotton

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I think this floral backpack from Vera will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. I love its colorway, the pattern and the printing. There are totally 6 options with different pattern printing, each of which is very one of a kind, beautiful and attractive that will surely hook every one’s eyes on it.

Plus, the material is truly soft and comfortable to touch, creating a luxury and expensive feeling. There is nothing special about the construction of this product. 1 front zippered pocket, 2 side pockets, 1 main zippered compartment and some slip interior pockets. Measured by 7 x 11.75 x 4.75 inches, it fits neatly your smart phone, keys, purse and things like that.

As this is a small-sized backpack, I highly recommend it for those who are seeking a container for your daily essentials, especially for hanging out, schooling, or going to college. Based on its unique outer performance, you will 100 percent recognize it from distance.

This collection is end here. Which is your pick of the bunch? Hopefully, after reading this article, it can help you save a boatload of personal research and scoured the market for what’s the best fashion backpacks for women.

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